Bell Pepper Transformation

After attending a whisky event lately, I thought it would be about time to serve you a drink again. I do like to drink this spirit pure without ice but that would just not match the context here. So, while thinking about what to do, a dessert I created a few years ago came into my mind. I was serving some poached mini apples with bell pepper broth, parmesan, smoke and nougat cream at this time. The liquid outcome is what you see on this side today.

My Liquid Version

What I did was pretty simple…I blended bell pepper and apples until liquid to be strained through a cloth. With this clear base the rest of the drink was easy as 1-2-3. The smoke came from a good aromatic whisky being mixed up with a German liquor for its bitter-fruity notes. A bit of lemon and some fresh egg white rounded things up here. After a few seconds of shaking the drink has got its creamy consistency as well as a beautiful balance of fresh bell pepper, sour and smoky tones. A very nice appetizer to start a nice meal with.


Smoky Bell Pepper

For 3 Persons

Smoky Bell Pepper

250 g Apple
400 g Red Bell Pepper
1/2 Lemon Juice
40 g Agave Syrup
4 cl O´Donnell Bitter Rose
3 cl Whisky
1 Egg White

Remove the seeds of the apple and the bell pepper, then put both into a blender with agave syrup and lemon juice. Then process everything until liquid. Take a kitchen paper, put it into a sieve and strain the bell pepper mix through. This may take a few minutes but will be nice and clear afterwards. Pour the liquid into a shaker with the liquors and the egg white. Now shake it for half a minute with somme ice cubes.


9 Ice Spheres
3 Round Cuts Apple Peel

Put three ice spheres in each glass and pour the shaker drink on top. Decorate the glasses with a round cut of apple peel. Cheers!


Rauchige Paprika

Für 3 Personen

Rauchige Paprika

250 g Apfel
400 g Rote Paprika
1/2 Zitrone Saft
40 g Agavensirup
4 cl O´Donnell Bitter Rose
3 cl Whisky
1 Eiweiß

Die Kerne von Apfel und Paprika entfernen, dann in einen Mixer geben und mit Zitronensaft pürieren bis alles flüssig ist. Ein Sieb mit Küchenpapier auslegen und den Paprikamix langsam passieren. Dies kann ein paar Minuten dauern, wird aber danach klar und fein. Die Flüssigkeit mit Spirituosen und Eiweiß in einem Shaker auf Eis kalt shaken.


9 Eiskugeln
3 Rund Ausgestochene Apfelschale

Zum Servieren, je drei Eiskugeln in die Gläser verteilen und den kalt gemixten drink darüber gießen. Nun noch mit der Apfelschale dekorieren. Zum Wohl!