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Bellini Aperitif Mocktail


Drinks | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Non-Alcoholic

Bellini Aperitif Mocktail

Bellini is indisputably one of the simplest cocktails in the bars of the world. Originally served in Harry’s Bar in Venice, it is made by infusing peach pulp with sparkling wine, vineyard peach to be exact, and of course Prosecco. Accordingly, this classic drink has fans all over the world. Enthusiasts appreciate the fresh and fruity character and the accessibility of the ingredients. Of course, the Bellini is often infused with champagne, which further enhances its taste. Champagne simply has even finer flavors to offer. If the champagne in your cupboard is still too good for a Bellini, you can use sparkling wine, for example, or enjoy it as a non-alcoholic mocktail, as shown here.

Grapes instead of champagne

Using a champagne for mocktails would be a contradiction in terms, of course, so I came up with some tasty workarounds for this. Light grapes as the base ingredient are the commonality to the prosecco or champagne of the classic in my Bellini. It was important to me to work out a strong taste of the mocktail, which is in no way inferior to its origin. So, I mixed the grapes, including the skins with sparkling mineral water and got a fruity stock that even reflected a little tannin with the grape skin. The sweetness should only come from the grapes to not lose the character of champagne and prosecco here.

Bellini with lemon foam

Here again would be the point at which I depart somewhat from the original Bellini and this cocktail imprints my stamp. I wanted to vary gladly, even if liquid, something in the textures. The Bellini mocktail consisted of the sparkling grape base and the pulp of white peaches for the fruity sweetness. I liked the idea of putting a little cap on the mocktail, and I liked to create this experience where the mouth gets attached to creamy foam of the cocktail glass, and then the well-chilled drink runs onto the tongue underneath. It’s kind of like when you drink a freshly tapped wheat beer. The lemon foam also adds some freshness and just brings fun to the mouth.

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four peaches on white background
a lemon on white background
white grapes on white background


Bellini Aperitif Mocktail

4 Persons20 Minutes

Lemon foam
  • 330 ml Carbonated Mineral Water
  • 40 g Sugar
  • 20 ml Lemon Juice
  • 3 Sheets of Gelatin
  • Salt to taste

For the lemon foam, soak the gelatin in cold water for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, mix the remaining ingredients, squeeze the gelatin and dissolve it with 1/4 of the liquid in a pot. Now mix everything together and pour into an iSi bottle. Then fill it with a cream capsule and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Peach Pulp
  • 300 g White Peach
  • 50 ml Apple Juice
  • 10 ml Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 Lemon Zest

For the peach pulp, wash and pit the peaches and put them in a blender. Then add all the other ingredients and puree to a fine paste. Now season and chill it.

Grape Stock
  • 250 g Green Grapes
  • 500 ml Carbonated Mineral Water

For the grape stock, wash the grapes and blend them briefly with 300 ml mineral water in a blender. Then line a sieve with kitchen paper and strain the grape stock through the cloth. The liquid should run through the cloth by itself without pressure, so that the grape stock is nice and clear. Then refrigerate and pour the remaining 200 ml of mineral water before serving. The grape stock should now be slightly sparkling.

  • Peach Pulp
  • Grape Stock
  • Lemon Foam

To serve, first pour some peach pulp into glasses. Now carefully pour the grape juice and then top with lemon foam. The foam should still be shaken beforehand in the bottle.

bellini aperitif mocktail on white background
bellini aperitif mocktail on white background

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