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Liquid Easter Greetings

If you have a look around the internet, you will recognize chocolate or baked bunnies, eggs and a lot of lamb recipes all over. This year it should be different but tasty too, so why not a drink? As I did not be to keen on virgin drinks (in the sense of drinks), I would rather drink less but if, i would have a good one. This time though it got me kind of hooked and I created The Green Rabbit for you.

Non Alcoholic Spirits?

A few days ago, I received a very exciting package, it should be two bottles of a distilled, nonalcoholic spirit from Seedlip. Yes, I know what you are thinking, again some very cool, urban stuff to show us a different direction…but to be honest, this time I have been really curious about getting a sip of these liquids. The look of the bottle is not promising something the inside can not justify. The smell of the Garden variation was very green and tempting, so I could already imagine some refreshing herbal combinations, whereas the Spice one would make my thoughts go towards coffee and chocolate. In the end two flavorings to keep in mind for some virgin pleasure.

Conscious Celebrations

Usually this is a time a lot of family gatherings, brunches, lunches and dinners take place. We have lots of food and wine but in the end, it will be exhausting too. My offer for you is to get refreshed from time to time or stay completely sober with this herbal drink. Having a sip will make the world around you go green and bright, just like Spring in the glass. The mixture is as simple as it can be, just do not dumb the green of some carrots, mix it with the Seedlip and top it up with a good tonic water…done. The taste and decoration will not only queue up rodents but everyone else around you too.

The Green Rabbit

For 2 persons


100 ml Seedlip Garden
10 g Carrot Greens (only the leaves)
1 cl Lemon Juice
20 g Agave Syrup
350 ml Tonic Water

Process seedlip, carrot greens, lemon juice and agave syrup in a blender until green, then strain the tonic through a sieve.


2 Cucumber Slices
1 Carrot (peeled and cut in halves)
2 Carrot Stems

Arrange a cucumber slice in each glass, fill them up with ice cubes and pour the green mix on top. Afterwards fill up both glasses with tonic water, decorate each glass with half a carrot and a stem of green and top up with ice cubes.


Cheers…to a sober Easter!!!


The Green Rabbit

Für 2 Personen


100 ml Seedlip Garden
10 g Karottengrün (nur die Blätter)
1 cl Zitronensaft
20 g Agavensirup
350 ml Tonic Wasser

Den Seedlip, Karottengrün, Zitronensaft und Agavensirup in einem Blender mixen bis es grün wird, dann alles durch ein feines Sieb passieren.


2 Gurkenscheiben
1 Karotte (geschält und halbiert)
2 Stiele Karottengrün

Je eine Gurkenscheibe in zwei Gläsern arrangieren, mit Eiswürfeln befüllen und den grünen Mix darauf verteilen. Nun noch mit dem Tonic auffüllen, mit je einer halben Karotte und Karottengrün dekorieren und mit Eiswürfeln auftoppen.

Prost…auf nüchterne Ostern!!!