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Green…The Way I Like

What can I say, I might have a fable for green food but for drinks too. You know what, somehow the taste is always too good. Today´s liquid recipe is a real classic and almost everybody knows it. The Daiquiri got its roots in Cuba and the famous Ernest Hemingway already knew about its great taste. It is a Sour and among the family of other great short drinks. It is basically made of white rum, sirup and lime or lemon. Sure today you might find a huge variety of this cocktail but it will always be made by the basics. That being said, I thought why not giving it a go for my very own.

My Daiquiri

So what did I do? First of all it needed to be simple yet a little different. I think you already saw my Cucumber Lemonade earlier on the blog which was basically the ground structure. I blended the cucumber with my new Vitamix and skipped the sirup by just using plain sugar. To give the drink a sour touch, I added fresh Lemon juice and peel. I personally like the sours made with a bit of egg white, which I used as well. The rest is history and you can find it underneath in the recipe section. It might not be the first and also not the last interpretation of this drink, but it is my very own one and I really enjoyed having a few of it after taking the pictures.

Maybe you want to try it out yourself and be surprised about its taste. Skol!

Cucumber Daiquiri

For 3 Persons


500 g Cucumber
70 ml Lemon Juice
Peel of 1/2 organic Lemon
40 g Agave Syrup
120 ml White Rum
150 g Ice Cubes
1 Egg White Size M

Wash the cucumber, cut it in chunks and put it in the freezer for 20 min. Add all remaining Ingredients and blend them until smooth.


1 Lemon
6 Slices Cucumber

You want to use chilled glasses to serve it with a bit of cucumber and Lemon.


Gurken Daiquiri

Für 3 Personen


500 g Gurke
70 ml Zitronensaft
abgeriebene Schale von 1/2 Bio-Zitrone
40 g Agavensirup
120 ml Weißer Rum
150 g Eiswürfel
1 Eiweiß Gr. M

Die Gurke waschen, in Stücke schneiden und für 20 Min. einfrieren. Die restlichen Zutaten zugeben und blenden.


1 Zitrone
6 Scheiben Gurke

Zum Servieren, die Gläser vorkühlen und etwas Gurke sowie Zitrone zugeben.