Cherry Harvest

It is hot outside, one barely wants to move to prevent any sweating…today´s recipe focusses on exactly these days of the year. Besides drinking liters of water, I find it very nice to vary here and there. Maybe sometimes with a little twist to pour it for kids but adults too. Looking at the trees and markets these days, cherry was the ultimate fruit to go with, besides being a cherry kid from the first day.


Back in the days, a friend and former colleague showed me a very tasty way to enjoy simple fruit ice tea, by rice infusing it. It ads this special flavor and got stuck in my mind until today. While using this method for foams and ice creams at work, I thought it would be a nice thing to add. Just thinking of cherry blossoms and Japan made me add a little sake, but of course one can skip this for the mocktail version.

Cherry & Coconut Ice Cubes

Do you also think you have to hurry with your drink as soon as ice cubes are involved. I simply hate it when the whole flavor gets washed away by the melting ice cubes. This is why I thought to make it the opposite way. Instead of loosing flavor, I simply add another one. So while you enjoy the fruity cherry flavor, a soft scent of coconut will be evolved from the melting cherry & coconut water ice cubes.

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Cherry & Rice Cooler

For 2 Persons

Cherry & Coconut Ice Cubes

20 pc Cherries
300 ml Coconut Water

To prepare the ice cubes, wash the cherries, remove the seeds and cut them in halves. Fill them in ice cube molds of any shape and pour the coconut water on top, then freeze over night.

Cherry & Rice Cooler

80 g Jasmin Rice
600 ml Sour Cherry Juice
20 g Honey
1 Lime Peel
4 cl Sake

In a pot, roast the rice without any oil until it is getting some color. Remove the pot from the heat and deglaze with the cherry juice. Now add lime peel and bring to the boil. Leave the mix to flavor for 2 hours and strain through a fine sieve afterwards. Now add the sake and stir to mix it.


2 pc Cherries
6 large Cherry Ice Cubes

Gently put three cherry ice cubes in each glass and pour the cherry & rice cooler on top. Add a bamboo straw if you like to match with the theme of the drink and decorate with a cherry on top.

Cheers and stay refreshed!


Kirsch & Reis Erfrischer

Für 2 Personen

Kirsch & Kokos Eiswürfel

20 Stk. Kirschen
300 ml Kokosnusswasser

Für die Eiswürfel, die Kirschen waschen, entsteinen und halbieren. Anschließend in Eiswürfelformen jeglicher Art füllen und mit Kokosnusswasser auffüllen, dann über Nacht gefrieren.

Kirsch & Reis Erfrischer

80 g Jasmin Reis
600 ml Sauerkirschsaft
20 g Honig
1 Limettenabrieb
4 cl Sake

Den Reis in einem Topf ohne Öl rösten bis er Farbe nimmt. Dann vom Feuer nehmen und mit dem Kirschsaft ablöschen. Nun den Limettenabrieb zugeben und einmal aufkochen. Der Mix sollte mindestens 2 Stunden durchziehen und abkühlen. Anschließend durch ein feines Sieb passieren und mit Sake vermengen.


2 Stk. Kirschen
6 große Kirscheiswürfel

Vorsichtig drei Eiswürfel in jedes Glas geben und den Drink eingießen. Bambusstrohhalme passen besonders gut zum Thema des Drinks. Zuletzt noch jeweils eine Kirsche in das Glas geben.

Prost und bleibt erfrischt!