Braised Rhubarb, Vegan Ricotta & Spelt

Rhubarb Equals Spring

I always like to go grocery shopping with no special intention of what the result has to be like. In this case, I stumbled across the first rhubarb, shining bright and colorful through the other shelves of the fruit section. This is always the moment, when I am sure the winter will be gone soon. So I grabbed a few for this recipe and took some more to make some jam too. Rhubarb is the fruit which crossed my culinary ways already in my childhood. My grandma used to bake crumble cakes with it or it has been cooked to a simple compote, which we then enjoyed without anything. Sometimes we were even just dipping the raw fruit in sugar to eat it straightaway. I always loved the sour taste and obviously still do.

The Vegan Touch

My and also my family’s nutrition tends to go towards a lot of veggies and lately even vegan dishes. This is not because we think it is super trendy rather than our good feeling about it and doing what we can do to achieve a correct and fair meat industry. The important thing though is a good taste and background of all the food we are having and so here is another great plant based dish to not only feel good but to enjoy too.

My Sweet Treat

Sour dishes always have to be balanced and sure this recipe is not only made from one ingredient. There has to be something going on on our tongue while eating I think and therefore creamy plant based ricotta, crispy spelt and green sorrel have been added. It is a classic tasting dish yet with a little something to it. Best is, to enjoy the lukewarm rhubarb with the cold and rich ricotta. The consistency of the popped spelt will give the dish some texture and what could be better to bite on a leaf of fresh green sorrel in between. For me no question asked…a great simple recipe with a lot of flavor but try it out yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Braised Rhubarb, Vegan Ricotta & Spelt

For 4 persons

Vegan Ricotta

100 g Macadamia
100 ml Birch Water (Water is fine too)
1/4 Lemon
1 tbsp Agave Syrup
Salt to flavor

Soak the macadamia nuts over night in filtered water. Rinse them well the next day and process them with birch water, agave syrup and lemon peel & juice in a high speed blender until creamy. Flavor with a pinch of salt and put aside until serving. The rest can be kept in a jar for a few days.

Braised Rhubarb

2 pc Rhubarb
Ginger, Lime & Honey to flavor

Peel each rhubarb and cut them both in four equal pieces. Now put them in a baking pan with paper and flavor with spices to your gusto. The rhubarb will then be braised for 7-10 min. at 200°C until soft consistency.


50 g Spelt
150 g Canola Oil

Cook the spelt in slightly salted water until soft and strain it through a sieve. Heat up the oil (it has to be hot but must not smoke) in a pot with enough space and add the cooked spelt to it while constantly stirring. The spelt then pops and will give a nice crunchy texture to this dish.


2 tbsp Honey
10 g Sorrel

Arrange two pieces of rhubarb next to each other. Add a spoon of ricotta and drizzle some honey on top. Now decorate with spelt and sorrel to your gusto.


Geschmorter Rhabarber, Veganer Ricotta & Dinkel

Für 4 Personen

Veganer Ricotta

100 g Macadamia
100 ml Birkenwasser (Wasser ist auch gut)
1/4 Zitrone
1 EL Agavensirup
Salz nach Geschmack

Die Macadamianüsse mit ausreichend gefiltertem Wasser bedecken und über Nacht einweichen. Am nächsten Tag ordentlich abspülen und zusammen mit dem Birkenwasser, Zitronenabrieb & Saft und dem Agavensirup in einem Hochleistungsblender cremig mixen. Nun noch mit einer Prise Salz abschmecken und bis zum servieren zur Seite stellen. Die Reste können in ein Weckglas gegeben und für ein paar Tage aufgehoben werden.

Geschmorter Rhabarber

2 Stk. Rhabarber
Ingwer, Limette & Honig nach Geschmack

Den Rhabarber schälen und je in vier gleichgroße Stücke schneiden. Dann in eine Backform mit Papier geben und nach Belieben mit den Gewürzen abschmecken. Nun wird der Rhabarber im Ofen bei 200°C für 7-10 Min. weich geschmort.


50 g Dinkel
150 g Rapsöl

Den Dinkel in leicht gesalzenem Wasser zum Kochen bringen und weichkochen. Dann alles durch ein Sieb abpassieren und das Öl in einem ausreichend großen Topf erhitzen (es muß heiß sein, darf aber noch nicht rauchen). Nun dengekochten Dinkel im heißen Öl poppen lassen, das gibt dem Gericht eine schöne knusprige Textur. Anschließend wird der gepoppte Dinkel auf einem Küchentuch abgetropft.


2 EL Honig
10 g Sauerklee

Je zwei Stücken Rhabarber nebeneinander anrichten und darauf einen Löffel mit Ricotta geben. Das Ganze wird mit etwas Honig beträufelt und zuletzt mit Dinkelpops und Sauerklee dekoriert.