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Martini – The King of Aperitif Cocktails

If one thinks of classic drinks, bars or synonyms for those, you can be sure the Martini will be amongst them. As a dry, bitter and strongly alcoholic short drink, it is an aperitif and usually consists of gin and dry French vermouth, more rarely vodka and vermouth. Only three (two if one likes to only have a dash of vermouth) ingredients, including the garnish make it a pretty straight forward recipe. This is what, besides the taste of course, I really like. No need for a thousand dashes of spirits syrups etc…

So thinking of the season and what to create for you guys made me stumble across asparagus of course these days. I am not saying that I would not fancy asparagus with a homemade hollandaise but it is just fun to cross boundries of monumental recipes at times, don´t you think? Asparagus tends to be quite a versatile vegetable, I cook it, marinate it raw, fry it and use it for desserts too. So a drink certainly seems to be the logical next step.

My Martini Twist

I chose my Martini to be based on both, the dry Gin Martini and the Vodka Martini too. I simply tend to find the vodka smoothens the texture of this drink as it contains such a big amount of spicy gin. If you are completely on the dry side of life, just use more gin instead of the vodka part. For me this Martini makes a very nice seasonal drink with a tiny twist, even though I have changed the original recipe. Enjoy it as an aperitif while the season is on.

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Asparagus Martini

For 2 Persons

9 cl Gin (my choice was Clouds Gin, as I like to drink this one pure too)
6 cl Vodka
2 pc Asparagus
2 dashes Lemon Juice
1 pc Lemon Peel

To mix the asparagus martini, wash the asparagus and chop it in rough pieces. There is no need to peel it, as we only want to extract its flavor. Now take a small iSi Whip bottle and fill in the asparagus with the remaining ingredients. Close the bottle using the Rapid Infusion tip with the small sieve and fill in one CO2 charger. Leave the liquid to flavor for 20 minutes. Shall you not have access to an iSi bottle, it works too by leaving all ingredients to flavor in a sealed glas over night. You might have to plan your drink a little longer in advance but the taste will be the same.


To serve our asparagus martini, let all the gas escape from the bottle before opening it. Then, strain the drink into a glas with ice and a piece of lemon peel and stir until the drink is nice and cold. To finish things up, strain the martini into a cold glas to be garnished with a slice of asparagus. Simply use a peeler to cut it.

Cheers to this beautiful life!


Spargel Martini

Für 2 Personen

9 cl Gin (meine Wahl hier war Clouds Gin, da ich diesen Gin auch gerne pur genieße)
6 cl Wodka
2 Stk Spargel
2 Spritzer Zitronensaft
1 Stk Zitronenschale

Zum mixen des Spargel Martinis, den Spargel waschen und in grobe Stücke schneiden. Es ist nicht nötig ihn zu schälen, da wir lediglich den Geschmack extrahieren wollen. Nun den Spargel mit den anderen Zutaten in eine kleine iSi Whip Flasche füllen und mit dem Rapid Infusion Aufsatz sowie dem kleinen Sieb verschließen. Dann noch mit einer CO2 Kapsel begasen und für 20 Minuten ziehen lassen. Solltet ihr keine iSi Flasche zur Hand haben, könnt ihr den Mix einfach in einem verschlossenem Glas über Nacht im Kühlschrank ziehen lassen. Dies bedarf zwar einer längeren Vorplanung, schmeckt am Ende aber genauso hervorragend.


Zum servieren, als erstes das Gas aus der iSi Flasche entweichen lassen bevor diese aufgeschraubt wird. Nun den Spargel Martini in ein Rührglas mit Eiswürfeln sowie einem Stück Zitronenschale sieben. Den Martini kalt rühren und anschließend in ein gekühltes Glas abseihen. Als Garnitur dient ein dünner Streifen Spargel, den ihr einfach mit einem Spargelschäler vom Spargel schneidet.

Zum Wohl und auf das Leben!