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Vegetarian Asparagus Katsu Sando With Nectarine & Mint Mayonnaise

Together with Ti refreshing tea, I was looking for a delicious picnic idea for these little time out moments in between. Matching the season, I thought of blackberries and stone fruit quite quickly. Now for a picnic snack, it wasn’t just going to be blackberries and nectarines, I rather wanted to incorporate these ingredients into a hearty and satisfying snack. It was to be a Japanese-inspired bento lunch, i.e., a small box filled with delicious food, easy to prepare and yet a full meal on the go. A takeaway for the lunch break in the backyard or outside in nature.

ingredients for asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface

The Katsu Sando

A Katsu Sando is a Japanese schnitzel sandwich, where the meat is a little thicker than the schnitzel as we know it and it is also turned in a coarse breading, which makes it particularly crispy, but also juicy. Usually, the Katsu Sando is topped with sour vegetables and some delicious Japanese mayonnaise is spread on it. So, you can already imagine how the Katsu Sando feels in your mouth. Soft bread with crispy Katsu, or schnitzel and in addition the acid from the vegetables with mayonnaise. Definitely no fitness food but guaranteed worth a sin.

making of asparagus katsu on gray stone surface
frying asparagus katsu in a pan on gray stone surface

A Vegetarian Katsu Sando

As the title suggests, I converted my sandwich to a vegetarian Katsu Sando. The meat was replaced by crunchy green asparagus, but you could also get creative here and use another vegetable. For the sour vegetables, lettuce hearts took a bath in a sour sake-ginger broth and of course the mayonnaise could not be missing. For this, I finely mixed fresh mint with canola oil and made my own mayonnaise with this mint oil. The sandwich bread I used, was a spelt whole grain Brioche, which was previously roasted in brown butter, but also a good sandwich bread from the bakery will serve you well here. A few slices of fresh nectarine and we have built a tasty and vegetarian Katsu Sando.

Try it out and prepare your asparagus Katsu Sando! Just not the right sandwich for you? How about my Easter bread sandwich?

man with tattoos cutting a nectarine on gray stone surface
man with tattoos roasting brioche in a pan on gray stone surface
man with tattoos cooking sour romaine lettuce in a pan on gray stone surface
making homemade mint mayonnaise on gray stone surface


Vegetarian Asparagus Katsu Sando With Nectarine & Mint Mayonnaise

For 2 Persons

Asparagus Katsus

10 pc Green Asparagus
2 Eggs
Salt to flavor
2-3 tbsp Wholemeal Spelt Flour
100 g Cornflakes
Canola Oil for frying

For the asparagus katsus, wash the green asparagus and cut off the dry ends, then beat up the egg with salt. Turn the asparagus first in the flour, then in the egg and finally in the slightly crushed cornflakes. Afterwards heat up a pan with canola oil and fry the asparagus katsus on all sides until golden brown, then drain on paper towels.

Mint Mayonnaise

150 g Canola Oil
1 Bunch Mint
2 Egg Yolks
1 tsp Mustard
20 ml Apple Vinegar
1 tbsp Agave Syrup
Salt & Pepper to flavor

For the mint mayonnaise, first wash the mint and pluck the leaves into a blender jug. Then add the canola oil and process everything finely. Now mix the egg yolks with mustard, vinegar, agave syrup and spices and slowly mix in the mint oil, while constantly stirring, so that it emulsifies and the mayonnaise thickens.

Sour Lettuce Hearts

1 Lettuce Heart
3 tbsp Sake
3 tbsp Mizkan Vinegar
2 tbsp Water
1 tsp Agave Syrup
1 tbsp chopped Ginger
Salt to flavor

For the sour lettuce hearts, pluck the romaine lettuce into leaves and wash them. Bring the remaining ingredients to a boil in a pan and simmer for a minute, then add the lettuce leaves into the pan and mix with the broth. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside until ready to serve. The lettuce should still have a slight bite to it.


4 Slices Spelt Whole Grain Brioche (or good Sandwich Bread)
4 tbsp Butter
1 Nectarine
4 tsp Cashew Butter
Maldon Salt

To serve, first cut off the crust of the brioche and roast it in a pan with the butter on both sides until golden brown, then drain on kitchen paper. Now spread two slices of brioche with cashew butter and place four thin slices of nectarine on each. Spread a tablespoon of mint mayonnaise on top and place five pieces of asparagus katsu on each sandwich. Now put the sour lettuce hearts on top of the asparagus katsus and cover the sandwich with the remaining two slices of brioche, which have also been spread with cashew butter. Finally, cut the asparagus Katsu Sandos in half and serve with the cut facing up.

making of asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface
making of asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface
making of asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface
making of asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface
making of asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface
asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface
asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface
asparagus katsu sando on gray stone surface


Vegetarisches Spargel Katsu Sando Mit Nektarine & Minz Mayonnaise

Für 2 Personen

Spargel Katsus

10 Stangen Grüner Spargel
2 Eier
Salz nach Geschmack
2-3 EL Dinkel Vollkornmehl
100 g Cornflakes
Rapsöl zum braten

Für die Spargel Katsus den grünen Spargel waschen und die holzigen Enden abschneiden, dann das Ei mit Salz aufschlagen. Anschließend den Spargel erst im Mehl, danach im Ei und zuletzt in den leicht zerdrückten Cornflakes wenden. Eine Pfanne mit Rapsöl erhitzen und die Spargel Katsus von allen Seiten gold braun anbraten, anschließend auf Küchenpapier abtropfen.

Minz Mayonnaise

150 g Rapsöl
1 Bund Minze
2 Eigelbe
1 TL Senf
20 ml Apfelessig
1 EL Agavensirup
Salz & Pfeffer nach Geschmack

Für die Minz Mayonnaise zunächst die Minze waschen und die Blätter in einen Mixbecher zupfen. Dann das Rapsöl zugeben und alles fein pürieren. Nun die Eigelbe mit Senf, Essig, Agavensirup und Gewürzen verrühren und anschließend das Minzöl unter ständigem Rühren ganz langsam unter die Eigelbe rühren, sodass eine Emulsion entsteht und die Mayonnaise andickt.

Saure Salatherzen

1 Römersalat
3 EL Sake
3 EL Mizkan
2 EL Wasser
1 TL Agavensirup
1 EL gehackter Ingwer
Salz nach Geschmack

Für die sauren Salatherzen den Römersalat in Blätter zupfen und waschen. Dann die restlichen Zutaten in einer Pfanne aufkochen und für eine Minute köcheln lassen. Anschließend die Salatblätter in die Pfanne geben und mit dem Sud vermengen. Die Pfanne vom Herd nehmen und bis zum Servieren zur Seite stellen. Der Salat sollte noch leichten Biss haben.


4 Scheiben Dinkel Vollkorn Brioche (oder gutes Weißbrot)
4 EL Butter
1 Nektarine
4 TL Cashewbutter
Maldon Salz

Zum Servieren zunächst die Rinde des Brioche abschneiden und anschließend in der Butter von beiden Seiten gold gelb rösten, dann auf Küchenpapier abtropfen. Zwei Scheiben Brioche nun mit Cashewbutter bestreichen und darauf je vier dünne Scheiben der Nektarine legen. Dann mit einem Esslöffel Minz Mayonnaise bestreichen und je fünf Stangen Spargel Katsu geben. Nun die sauren Salatherzen auf die Spargel Katsus geben und das Sandwich mit den beiden übrigen, vorher ebenfalls mit Cashewbutter bestrichenen, Scheiben Brioche abdecken. Zuletzt die Spargel Katsu Sandos halbieren und mit dem Anschnitt nach oben servieren.

asparagus katsu sando with ti drink on gray stone surface
asparagus katsu sando with ti peppermint blackberry drink on gray stone surface
asparagus katsu sando bento box with ti drink on gray stone surface