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The Conscious Decision

It is summer time folks and wherever I go, it seems people would fire their bbq and just enjoy cooking outdoors. So do I but as you might have recognized, you can not find too many meat recipes here. The reason is clear, I rather have less but good meat instead. Of course you have to spend a little more on your beef but hey, good taste and a good feeling have to cost a little more ey? I know many of you have been at this point already or will be by the time I am sure but I can and will not eat meat every day. Still I am not willing to give it up completely but if it is on my plate or bbq, you can be sure it is a good piece of meat and would not make me feel bad.


Silver Fern Farms

…is a New Zealand based company which is the Expert for red meat from species-appropriate grazing. Their cattle is only gras fed and you can well find similarities in their way of looking at good food and the needs of their customers with Eatery Berlin. The way I have experienced New Zealand with its stunning nature, its beautiful people and great climate, is very much tastable in this great beef. Silver Fern Farms has a range of different cuts to offer and varies from rib-eye steak to lamb or venison and more. All very carefully sourced with selected partners.


„Inspiring Food, Made By Passionate People“

As one could not put it together in better words, this is exactly how my creativity is working. Once I am out on the markets and my eyes see something beautiful, may it be a simple potato or in this case a nice beef tenderloin like that, it can just end up with a tasty recipe. My bbq recipe is so delicious but still simple and not complicating things. As good beef tenderloin does not require many ingredients, my focus was clearly to keep its original flavor. I rather wanted to twist things a bit with the sides being served with it.


…Common Baby Light My (BBQ) Fire

Easy said and done…so while the temperature of the furnace would rise I just wanted to do very few things. First things first: enjoying a cold beer, second: preparing a tasty dip, in this case a homemade ginger mayonnaise and third: fixing a spicy rhubarb & tomato salsa. The important thing for me was that everything would be done by the time the beef went on the fire. As my idea was a beef tataki, the meat would just be barbecued very hot from both sides and then cut in thin slices. Even writing makes me hungry again, having the beautiful taste still in mind. What will be cooked on your fire next?

Enjoy this great summer dish and have a taste of New Zealand.


Beef Tataki, Rhubarb & Tomato Salsa, Ginger Mayonnaise

For 2 Persons

Rhubarb & Tomato Salsa

2 green Tomatoes
1 pc Rhubarb
Sugar, Salt, Chili Flakes to flavor
15 pc Coriander Stems
1 Shallot
1/2 organic Orange

Wash the tomatoes cut them in quarters, remove the seeds and cut them in slices. Now peel the rhubarb and dice it in 5x5mm pieces. Mix the tomatoes and rhubarb in a bowl with salt, sugar, chili and orange peel. Then chop the coriander and dice the shallot and add to the mix. Last thing to do is to squeeze the juice of the orange into the mix before you leave it to flavor until serving.

Ginger Mayonnaise

80 g Canola Oil
10 g Ginger
2 organic Egg Yolks
Salt, Sugar & Lemon Juice to flavor

Peel the ginger and process it with the oil. Now separate the egg yolks of two eggs into a bowl and keep the whites for meringue or a cake. All you have to do now is slowly adding the ginger oil into the egg yolks while constantly stirring. The mix should be thickened and creamy after to be finished with salt, sugar and a bit of lemon juice.


300 g Beef Tenderloin
Salt & Pepper to flavor

Fire the bbq and put the beef outside the fridge to get room temperature. This will help to cook it more even and guaranty the full flavor just like a good wine. For the Tataki, just barbecue the meat very hot and short from both sides until nicely roasted. Leave the meat to rest for 5 min. and cut it in thin slices. Finish it with a sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Arrange the meat on a plate and add salsa and ginger mayonnaise.


Rinder Tataki, Rhabarber & Tomaten Salsa, Ingwer Mayonnaise

Für 2 Personen

Rhabarber & Tomaten Salsa

2 grüne Tomaten
1 Rhabarberstiel
Zucker, Salz & Chili Flakes nach Geschmack
15 Korianderstengel
1 Schalotte
1/2 Bio-Orange

Die Tomaten waschen, vierteln, entkernen und in Streifen schneiden. Nun den Rhabarber in 5x5mm Würfel schneiden. Die Tomaten und den Rhabarber in eine Schüssel geben und mit Salz, Zucker, Chili sowie Orangenabrieb würzen.  Jetzt noch den Koriander hacken und die Schalotte in kleine Würfel schneiden und alles zum Mix geben. Danach den Saft der halben Orange zugeben und bis zum Servieren ziehen lassen.

Ingwer Mayonnaise

80 g Rapsöl
10 g Ingwer
2 Bio-Eigelbe
Salz, Zucker & Zitronensaft nach Geschmack

Den Ingwer schälen und mit dem Öl pürieren. Die zwei Eigelbe aus den frischen Eiern trennen und das Eiweiss für Baiser oder den nächsten Kuchen aufheben. Alles was nun zu tun ist, ist das Ingwer Öl langsam unter ständigem Rühren in das Eigelb laufen zu lassen. Der Mix sollte nun angedickt und cremig sein. Nun noch mit Salz, Zucker und Zitronensaft abschmecken.


300 g Rinderfilet
Meersalz & Pfeffer nach Geschmack

Den Grill anfeuern und das Fleisch aus dem Kühlschrank nehmen, damit es Raumtemperatur annehmen kann. Dies trägt zum gleichmäßigen Garen bei und lässt es den vollen Geschmack zeigen, wie bei gutem Rotwein. Für das Tataki, das Fleisch nur kurz bei großer Hitze von beiden Seiten kräftig angrillen und danach für 5 Min. ruhen lassen. Jetzt das Tataki dünn aufschneiden und mit Meersalz und frisch gemahlenem Pfeffer würzen. Das Tataki auf einem Teller anrichten und die Salsa sowie die Ingwer Mayonnaise zugeben.