Trick or Treat? Well Pumpkin Pie…

Definitely Treat. As the scary season is about to start, I thought to give already an idea what to do with all the emptied pumpkins and how to stay on the tasty side on October 31st. And to be honest, why not having a treat like that instead of all the candies. I know you will all get spoiled with loads of pumpkin recipes within the next days but this one is definitely worth a go, even if it would not be Halloween. Because of all the pumpkin carvings and Halloween parties, one will be happy to have a variety of ideas what to do with all the orange bulbs. This pumpkin pie recipe is building a bridge into the next season with a scent of gingerbread spice and lets you get into a real cosy mood.

My Pumpkin History

My first pumpkin memories were not something I would call tempting, even though my culinary point of view changed a couple of times while growing up. I just could not stand the pickled canned pumpkin which would have been giving to us in the school canteen. Today though, I can quite enjoy that variation too, giving it my twist. Pumpkin or squash is a vegetable that will be found on my plates at home very often. The preparation is mostly simple and does not require much effort.

The kids are very keen on a spicy pumpkin soup or for instance or the roasted chunks of a Hokkaido pumpkin are enjoyed very often with olive oil and yoghurt as a side dish. Having said this only means to name the most common dishes. I also created a beautiful vegetarian Pumpkin-Brioche Burger and have done a lot of other things at work too. But today we want to focus on the sweet tooth and show you this tempting recipe.

My Pie

The texture of my pie very much reminds me of a classic key lime pie, as it is wonderful creamy too with a crispy shell. I choose a spicy hazelnut sablé to be the base and some simple whipped cream to accomplish the cake. For the filling, I somehow cooked a sweet pumpkin soup with a little ginger and orange to add the fruity note to it. All together a wonderful symbiosis of flavors and textures. This recipe is eaten best at room temperature with the cold cream to top it, only then the rich flavors and spices can be enjoyed at their best.

Pumpkin Pie

For 6 Persons


200 g Butter
125 g Sugar
1 Egg
300 g Flour
125 g ground Hazelnut
2 tsp Gingerbread Spice
Salt & Orange Peel to flavor

For the crust, roast the hazelnut until golden-brown and leave to cool down. Kneed the butter, sugar, egg and spices until evenly mixed. Now add the flour and hazelnut and just kneed the mix for a short time until everything is well combined. Leave the dough to set in the fridge for at least one hour. Take the dough out of the fridge and roll it out to a thickness of 5mm. Put the dough into a pie baking pan and pinch the bottom with a fork to allow steam to disappear while baking. Bake the dough at 210° for 10 min. until golden-brown.


400 g Hokkaido Pumpkin
300 g condensed Milk
120 g Sugar
20 g Ginger
Salt & Orange Peel to flavor
3 Eggs
50 g Corn Starch

Cut the pumpkin in halves and remove the seeds. Now dice it in pieces of 2cm. Peel the ginger and cut it in fine pieces too. Melt the sugar to caramel in a pot and add the pumpkin. After it got caramelized, deglaze the mix with the condensed milk and add the spices. Now cook the mix at medium heat until the pumpkin got softened. Pour the mix into a blender and process everything until smooth. Then add the egg and cornstarch and process again. At last pour the filling on the pre-baked crust and let it thicken in the oven at 190° for 10–15 min.


250 g Cream
80 g Pecan Nuts
1 Orange

Serve the pie with a little whipped cream, pecan nuts and freshly ground orange peel.


Kürbis Tart

Für 6 Personen


200 g Butter
125 g Zucker
1 Ei
300 g Mehl
125 g Haselnuss, gemahlen
2 TL Lebkuchengewürz
Salz & Orangenabrieb nach Geschmack

Für den Teig, die gemahlenen Haselnüsse goldbraun rösten und anschließend abkühlen lassen. Die Butter mit Zucker, Ei und Gewürzen verkneten. Nun noch das Mehl und die Haselnüsse zugeben und lediglich kneten bis der Teig ordentlich vermengt ist.  Anschließend den Teig mindestens für eine Stunde kaltstellen. Den durchgekühlten Teig auf 5mm ausrollen und in eine Tartform geben. Diesen dann mit einer Gabel einstechen um Dampf beim Backen entweichen zu lassen. Den Boden bei 210° ca. 10 Min. blind backen bis er goldgelb ist.


400 g Hokkaido Kürbis
300 g Kondensmilch
120 g Zucker
20 g Ingwer
Salz & Orangenabrieb nach Geschmack
3 Eier
50 g Maisstärke

Den Kürbis halbieren, entkernen und in 2cm Stücke schneiden. Den Ingwer schälen und ebenfalls fein aufschneiden. Nun den Zucker in einem Topf schmelzen und den Kürbis zugeben. Anschließend mit der Kondensmilch ablöschen und die Gewürze zugeben. Den Mix bei mittlerer Hitze solange kochen bis der Kürbis weich ist. Danach den Mix in einen Mixer geben und fein pürieren. Jetzt noch die Eier und die Maisstärke zugeben und erneut mixen. Die Füllung nun in die Tartform mit dem Teig geben und für 10-15 Min. bei 190° stocken lassen.


250 g Sahne
80 g Pecan Nüsse
1 Orange

Den Tart am besten mit etwas geschlagener Sahne, Pekannüssen und frischem Orangenabrieb servieren.