Peach Melba Dessert

Peach Melba was created by the French chef Georges Auguste Escoffier around 1900. He created this dessert for Nellie Melba at the London Royal Opera House. He poached half a peach in syrup and served it on top of vanilla ice cream. Of course a simple plate would not have been opulent enough by then, so he served it in an ice carved swan. Voila, a classic was born.

Recipe Twist

I have used this as a base for various desserts or pralines over the years, yet this is the most recent peach melba dessert recipe I came up with. As a base we have poached peaches, vanilla, raspberries and almonds and I love to start mixing up the classics from this point. Firstly, I decided to keep its origin by leaving the poached peaches and thought to spare the ice cream, as I guess only few of you guy will have a machine to craft your own creamy vanilla ice cream.

I always pay attention to consistencies as well as a balance between sweet and sour. Since the peaches were set, I needed something rich to smoothen things out and I found my match, which was the vanilla custard. Cooked with cream and butter it really makes a good partner for the peaches. Next goal was to get something with a bite on the plate and thinking of brittle, doughs and filo led me to Kataifi. Usually found in Oriental desserts, this dough gets lovely crispy when baked while still remaining a delicate consistency. Topped up with almonds and butter, we have a bit of Orient in this approach.

What did I miss? Exactly the raspberry sauce. It is usually used to cover the peach but I always have the decorative aspect in mind too. So they only have been cut in halves and left as they are with their beautiful appearance. Finished with a little honey we still have a Peach Melba dessert to enjoy, only with a little dust being removed. And if you ask me that is fair enough after more than a century since its invention. I enjoyed it very much and am sure you will too.

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Peach Melba

For 4 Persons


350 ml Sparkling Wine
50 g Agave Syrup
1/4 Lemon Peel
1/2 Vanilla Pod
3 Peaches

First, cut the peaches in halves and cut the halves in four pieces. Then heat up a pot and add sparkling wine, agave syrup, vanilla and lemon peel. Bring everything to the boil and let it cook at medium heat for 5 minutes. Afterwards add the peaches and let them simmer 2-3 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and let the peaches cool down.

Vanilla Custard

125 ml Milk
250 g Cream
15 g Butter
50 g Agave Syrup
1/2 Vanilla Pod
1 Egg Yolk
35 g Starch
Salt to flavor

Put 1/3 of the milk and cream in a bowl and the remaining 2/3 in a pot. Add butter, agave syrup, vanilla and salt to the pot and starch and egg yolk into the bowl. Combine starch and liquid in the bowl with a whisk until all the lumps are gone. Now bring the pot to the boil, while stirring from time to time and empty the bowl into the pot. Keep on whisking and let it cook for 1 minute. Afterwards empty the vanilla custard in a bowl, cover it and put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Once the custard is cold, whisk it with a kitchen machine until nicely smooth and empty it into a piping bag with a round tip.

Kataifi Crisp

50 g Kataifi Dough
40 g Almonds
40 g Butter

Place the Kataifi in rings or muffin moulds and slightly press it. The hight should be about a centimeter. Then roughly chop the almonds and put them on top of the Kataifi. Afterwards melt the butter and sprinkle it into the rings. Now bake them in the oven at 190°C for 10-12 minutes until golden-brown.


20 Raspberries
4 Tsp Honey

Before serving, cut the raspberries in halves. To start plating, place three peaches on a plate and pipe a few dots of vanilla custard in between. Arrange the raspberries on the plate and put one Kataifi crisp on top. To decorate this dessert, pipe another dot on top and also add two raspberries. At last, drizzle a little honey over the dessert and you are done.


Pfirsich Melba

Für 4 Personen


350 ml Sekt
50 g Agavensirup
1/4 Zitronenschale
1/2 Vanillestange
3 Pfirsiche

Zuerst die Pfirsiche halbieren, die Kerne entfernen und die Hälften in 4 Stücke schneiden. Dann einen Topf erwärmen, mit Sekt, Agavensirup, Zitronenschale sowie Vanille füllen und aufkochen. Den Fond 5 Minuten köcheln lassen und anschließend die Pfirsiche dazugeben. Für weitere 2-3 Minuten köcheln lassen, vom Herd nehmen und abkühlen lassen.

Vanille Creme

125 ml Milch
250 g Sahne
15 g Butter
50 g Agavensirup
1/2 Vanillestange
1 Eigelb
35 g Stärke
Salz nach Geschmack

1/3 der Milch und Sahne in eine Schüssel, die restlichen 2/3 in einen Topf geben. Butter, Vanille, Agavensirup und Salz ebenfalls in den Topf geben und Stärke sowie Eigelb in die Schüssel geben. Anschließend mit einem Schneebesen den Stärke Mix glatt rühren, sodass keine Klümpchen mehr vorhanden sind. Den Topf auf den Herd geben und unter gelegentlichem Rühren aufkochen lassen, dann die Schüssel in den Topf leeren und für 1 Minute kochen lassen. Dabei ständig rühren. Den Vanille Creme in einer abgedeckten Schüssel für mindestens 2 Stunden auskühlen lassen. Den ausgekühlten Creme mit einer Küchenmaschine glatt rühren und in einen Spritzbeutel mit Lochtülle füllen.

Kataifi Knusper

50 g Kataifi Teig
40 g Mandeln
40 g Butter

Den Kataifi Teig in Ringe oder Muffinformen geben und etwas andrücken. Anschließend die Mandeln grob hacken und ebenfalls in die Ringe geben. Dann die Butter auflösen und über den Kataifi geben. Die Knusper nun im Ofen bei 190°C für 10-12 Minuten gold-gelb backen.


20 Himbeeren
4 TL Honig

Vor dem Servieren, die Himbeeren halbieren. Zum Anrichten, drei Pfirsiche auf einen Teller geben und dazwischen den Vanille Creme aufdressieren. Die Himbeeren darüber verteilen und je einen Kataifi Knusper aufsetzen. Anschließend mit etwas Creme und Himbeeren garnieren und zum Abschluss noch mit Honig beträufeln.