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A Savory Dessert!?

As the headline says, one could name this recipe a savory dessert or a sweet cheese course and none of it would be right or wrong. To find out, the best would probably be a self test by cooking it for yourself. I like to cook dishes like this one, just because I am so curious on my family´s or guests reaction. Of course this is not a dish to maybe choose first in a restaurant but I know so many people who are not too keen on a dessert and would rather go for a cheese platter. This combination though is a mix of both, sweet and savory and therefore a nice option.

Cross Connection

Having said that it would lead my thoughts to the kitchen countertop I have been working and photographing on. SapienStone delivers kitchen countertops to work or even eat on and I can tell you I have done both. It was kind of irritating in the first place but after the first cutting has left no marks, I found the whole process of preparation and result getting even closer together. This was a really sensual experience as I work with raw ingredients and my hands. I prepare everything with a maximum dedication and to „plate“ directly on the countertop, even eating from it, made it become another experience for me.

The Bright Onyx version is a beautiful bright countertop that just perfectly matched the light yellow and brown autumn colors of the caramelized onions and the puff pastry. It will blend into a kitchen in such an unobtrusive yet distinctive way…pure beauty. If you want to find out more about the company and want to see other samples alive, read my previous article about SapienStone here.

Imagination and Reality

A tatin is usually made of apples and puff pastry, which is a really old fashioned but such a tasty recipe. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I would not ask for anything else. My variation though will build a bridge between both, savory and sweet. Sometimes a little persuading is needed to try out things we not yet know.

I am always telling my kids: „you don´t have to eat what you don´t like but you got to give it a try first“.

As all of you know the gorgeous taste and smell of sautéed onions, the sweetness pared with onions is nothing to be too crazy. Sometimes it might be only the wording of a dish that keeps us from trying. For instance, if I would just serve you an onion tart with pear and blue cheese, things would have a different impact on your imagination. So what I want to say is, just give it a try and think of a dessert with savory notes or the opposite if you may. It is all about what you make of it.

Onion Tatin, Pear & Fourme D´Ambert

For 5 Persons

Onion Tatin

1 big White Onion
80 g Puff Pastry (recipe here)
70 g Maple Syrup
40 g Butter

For the tatin, melt the butter in a pot and add the maple syrup. Then pour it in the baking pans until the bottom is covered. Now peel the onion and cut it in slices of 1 cm thickness. Now fry the onions from both sides in a hot pan with a little oil until very colored. Put the onions in the baking pans and roll out the puff pastry to a thickness of 2 mm. Pinch the dough with a fork  and cut out rounds in the size of the baking pans. They will shrink to the size of the onions while baking. Now bake the tatin at 200° Celsius for 10 to 15 min. until golden brown. Overturn them on a grid while still warm and keep the syrup from the pan until plating.

Fried Onions

2 Shallots
Canola Oil

Peel them and cut them in halves. Divide the single layers and make sure to remove the silver skin. Turn the onions in flour and fry them in canola oil until colored.


100 g Fourme D´Ambert
2 Pears

Wash the pears and cut out some pearls. The pear will not be marinated or flavored, so make sure to use a ripe one. The cheese will only be broken into random bits before plating. Now put the tatin on a plate and randomly add pears, cheese and fried onions. Sprinkle a little of the tatin syrup over the tatin and if you want a few chili flakes.


Zwiebel Tatin, Birne & Fourme D´Ambert

Für 5 Personen

Zwiebel Tatin

1 große weiße Zwiebel
80 g Blätterteig (Rezept hier)
70 g Ahornsirup
40 g Butter

Für das Tatin die Butter in eienm Topf erhitzen und den Ahornsirup zugeben. Dies dann in Tarteförmchen geben bis der Boden bedeckt ist. Nun die Zwiebeln schälen und in 1 cm dicke Scheiben schneiden. Die Zwiebelscheiben dann in einer heißen Pfanne mit etwas Öl von beiden Seiten scharf anbraten und dann in die befüllten Tarteformen geben. Jetzt noch den Blätterteig auf 2 mm Stärke ausrollen, mit einer Gabel einstechen und in der Größe der Tarteformen ausstechen. Der Teig wird beim backen auf dei Größe der Zwiebel schrumpfen. Nun die Tatins bei 200° für 10 – 15 Min. gold-gelb backen. Danach werden die Zwiebel Tatins noch warm auf ein Gitter gestürzt und der Sirup wird bis zum anrichten aufgehoben.

Frittierte Zwiebeln

2 Schallotten

Die Schalotten schälen und halbieren. Nun die einzelnen Zwiebelschichten trennen und die Silberhaut entfernen. Danach werden die Zwiebeln in Mehl gewendet und in heißem Rapsöl frittiert.


100 g Fourme D´Ambert
2 Birnen

Die Birnen waschen und danach Perlen ausstechen. Da die Birnen nicht weiter mariniert werden, sollten sie entsprechend reif sein. Nun noch den Käse in grobe Stücke brechen und dann das Tatin anrichten. Die Birnen, den Käse und die frittierten Zwiebeln wild anrichten und etwas von dem Sirup dauber geben. Wer mag kann dann gerne noch ein paar Chiliflakes dazugeben.