Lisbon´s Sangria

38 degrees celcius, noon, infinite heat. The best time of days like this is the moment of sunset. Finally, there is wind again and you start to feel a little refreshing breeze on your sweaty back. During my time in Lisbon, there were quite a lot of those hot days and I loved to take a sundowner after a day at the beach. Around 8 and 9pm, people gathered at a public place, either in Chiado or at the sea side, drank a glass of wine or a glass of Ginja sangria, tapped and served in a plastic cup.

The Liquor

The sangria in Lisbon is made with Ginja. Ginja, a sour cherry liquor, is – next to pastéis de nata and pastéis de bacalhau – one of Lisbon’s signature groceries. As I took the first sip of this tasty sangria, I initially knew, this had to be a liquid recipe to share with you. So fix yourself this tasty, refreshing Ginja sangria, enjoy the upcoming sunsets on your balcony or terrace and get into holiday mood.

Saúde everybody!

Ginja Sangria

For 4 Persons


120 ml Ginja Cherry Liqueur
300 ml Cherry Juice
300 ml Red Wine, dry
1  organic Orange
1 Cinnamon Stick
1 Star Anise
6 Cloves
150 g Cherries

Cut the Orange in halves and peel one of it as well as squeezing the juice. Take the second halve and cut in 5mm slices. Then wash the cherries, cut them in halves and remove the seeds. Now mix all ingredients and leave 2 hours in the fridge to flavor. You can also add other liqueurs to taste.


1 Orange
Ice Cubes

Serve the sangria with fresh orange peel and ice cubes.


Ginja Sangria

Für 4 Personen


120 ml Ginja Kirschlikör
300 ml Kirschsaft
300 ml Rotwein, trocken
1 Bio-Orange
1 Zimtstange
1 Sternanis
6 Nelken
150 g Kirschen

Die Orange in Hälften schneiden und die eine Hälfte schälen und den Saft auspressen. Die andere in 5mm Scheiben schneiden. Dann die Kirschen waschen, halbieren und die Kerne entfernen. Jetzt alle Zutaten mixen und den 2 Stunden im Kühlschrank ziehen lassen.


1 Orange

Den Sangria mit frischer Orangenschale auf Eis servieren.