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Sourdough Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Caramel



Sourdough Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Caramel

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If you bake your own bread and rolls like we do and use sourdough for this purpose, you may have a few sourdough leftovers here and there. However, these do not have to simply end up in the trash, because in addition to a good compost accelerator, you can also excellently use sourdough for your cooking or dessert preparations. However, in this case I wanted to make an ice cream that reflected the basic savory flavor of sourdough.

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Sourdough in ice cream

Sure, this flavor may not be found in every ice cream shop right away, but I was sure the combination of sour cereal notes and sweetness would work great together. Assuming a classic vanilla ice cream, cream is brought to a boil with milk, sugar and vanilla, and then egg yolks are added to thicken it. Sourdough consists of water and flour and can therefore easily be used as a binding agent, but the egg yolk has of course taste advantages. So, I reduced the amount of egg yolk and replaced them with the sourdough.

sourdough starter in a jar on a wooden table with blue background
hand holding an ice cream spoon with egg yolk on a wooden table with blue background
hand pouring cream into metal sauce pan on a wooden table with blue background
a bottle and two glasses with stork club german rye whiskey on a wooden table with blue background
sugar in a vintage jar on a wooden table with blue background

Sourdough and salted caramel

I usually season any savory dish with a little sugar and desserts with a little salt to round up the flavor. In this case, it was important to me to bring out the salty notes in the sourdough ice cream even more intensely, so I quickly came up with the idea of enhancing the ice cream with a salted caramel. The beauty of a caramel is that it becomes thick and solid when cold. So, the ice cream remained beautifully marbled in the end. But we were talking about salt in ice cream, and a caramel is inherently a sweet thing. However, if you add more than a pinch of salt to the caramel, the whole thing turns, and the result is more like a flavor enhancer made of sugar, salt and fat.

pouring salted caramel into vintage jar on a wooden table with blue background
sourdough ice cream on a wooden table
sourdough bread croutons on a wooden table with blue background

Sourdough ice cream sandwich

Since we’re about using leftover sourdough, you can also round up the whole thing even further. In addition to the flavors, some consistency should come into play at the end. To stay within the topic, of course, bread is perfect for this. I simply cut thin slices from an older piece of bread and fried them in some vegetable oil until crispy. The result are crispy bread Croutons with which you can easily make some ice cream sandwiches. But this is just a serving suggestion including leftover use, should the ice cream and the salted caramel not be enough for you.


Sourdough Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Caramel

4 Persons30 Minutes

Salted Caramel
  • 140 g Sugar
  • 60 ml Water
  • 50 g Butter
  • 80 g Cream
  • ½ tsp Salt (use less if you do not like it salty)

For the salted caramel, put sugar and water in a pot and boil until the sugar caramelizes. Now stir in the butter and then deglaze with cream. Remove the pot from the heat, mix in the salt and fill it in a jar to cool down. The salted caramel can be left outside, otherwise it will be difficult to process further.

Sourdough Ice Cream
  • 300 g Cream
  • 100 ml Milk
  • 40 g Sugar
  • 1 cl Rye Whiskey
  • 30 g Sourdough Starter (Rye)
  • 2 Egg Yolks
  • 2-3 tbsp Salted Caramel

For the sourdough ice cream, place the egg yolks in a large bowl. Mix all remaining ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil while constantly stirring. The ice cream mix should already thicken slightly due to the flour in the sourdough. At the beginning, pour only a part of the boiling mix over the egg yolks and combine, only now add the rest of the ice cream mix. Once everything is well mixed, cover the sourdough ice cream mix and put it in the fridge. You can do this the day before, so the ice cream can mature a little. Before freezing in the ice cream maker, the ice cream mix is strained through a fine sieve to avoid lumps. Now freeze the sourdough ice cream depending on the ice cream maker used, in the KitchenAid about 10 minutes. Once the ice cream is frozen but creamy, stir in the salted caramel, but only briefly, to achieve a marbling. Empty the ice cream into a pre-cooled jar and let it ripen in the freezer for 1 hour.

  • 8 Sourdough Croutons from old bread
  • Salted Caramel

To serve, put one scoop of sourdough ice cream on a bread Crouton and press another bread Crouton on top. Now finish with some salted caramel and the ice cream sandwich is ready.

sourdough ice cream sandwich with salted caramel on an ice plate with wooden table
sourdough ice cream sandwich with salted caramel on an ice plate with wooden table

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