Easter Bread Sandwich

Easter bread surely some of you have already baked or at least seen, because in the days before Easter, the newsfeeds of all channels are overflowing with this yeast dough pastry. You know, the braided Loafs with Easter eggs baked in. But today is not quite about that, because as the name says, I created an Easter bread inspired sandwich for you. The basis for my sandwich is nevertheless based on classic Easter bread from a yeast dough loaf.

a fresh loaf of brioche bread on a baking grid
three slices of brioche bread for a sandwich
a glass of roasted almond butter

Classic Easter Bread

Originally, Easter bread belongs to the tradition of breaking the fast and is common in both savory but also in sweet form. Nevertheless, the sweet Easter bread is the more familiar variant, just like a fruit loaf. Easter bread is classically enjoyed at Easter for breakfast or tea, and nowadays is usually available well before the actual Easter holidays. A heavy yeast dough with almonds and dried fruit also make it just about predestined for this. Heavy yeast dough variants exist in several varieties, although here it is not the degree of difficulty that is described, but rather the composition of the yeast dough. A high butter and egg yolk content make the dough particularly juicy but also richer. Nevertheless, this is the least of my worries on holidays, because here it’s all about enjoyment.

a slice of blue cheese on a concrete plate
three natural colored organic eggs
a stack of dried apricots
smoked almonds in can

My Easter Bread

Easter bread as such is certainly not to be despised and is also always eaten with pleasure, but I wanted to show you in form of a rich sandwich, what can also be done with Easter bread besides butter and jam on it. I chose a Brioche recipe for my sandwich, because I wanted to bring together the ingredients of classic Easter bread in a slightly different way. So, the dried fruit have been added in form of dried apricots and the almonds even as smoked almonds into a sautéed spinach. To season the yet sweet underscored sandwich, I chose blue cheese to get more power to the bread. To stay true to the cause, an (Easter) egg could not be missing. Egg yolk here makes an excellent substitute for a sauce, as I have already shown in this recipe for example. The egg was separated and the white was fried in butter like a fried egg, the yolk came raw into the “Easter nest” on top of my Easter bread sandwich. Together a full meal, I can promise you.

close up of baby spinach
top shot of sautéed spinach with dried apricots and smoked almonds


Easter Bread Sandwich

For 2 Persons

Butter Brioche

4 Slices Brioche
75 g Butter

For the butter brioche, heat up the butter in a pan until it gets foamy. Meanwhile, cut the brioche into 1.5cm thick slices and cut a 4cm hole in two slices. Bake the brioche in the foaming butter until golden on both sides, then drain on paper towels. Use the pan with the brown butter for the sautéed spinach afterwards.

Sautéed Spinach

100 g Baby Spinach
6 dried Apricots
2 tbsp smoked Almonds
Salt, Pepper & Nutmeg to flavor

For the sautéed spinach, cut the apricots into slices and coarsely chop the smoked almonds. Then add the spinach to the pan with the remaining butter and season with the spices. When the spinach is a little sunken, add the apricots and the smoked almonds.


30 g roasted Almond Butter
60 g Blue Cheese
2 Eggs
Salt to flavor

Before serving, separate the eggs, carefully keeping the yolks and fry the whites in a pan with a little butter. Then cut out the egg whites in the shape of the brioche. To serve, spread a little almond butter on a slice of brioche and place the fried egg white on top. Then spread the sautéed spinach on top and top it up with the sliced blue cheese. Now, use a small torch to gratinate the blue cheese a bit. Put the slice of brioche with the hole on top of the cheese and place the egg yolk in the hole. Finally, season with a little salt.

close up of easter bread sandwich with brioche, egg, spinach, smoked almonds, dried apricots and blue cheese


Osterbrot Sandwich

Für 2 Personen

Butter Brioche

4 Scheiben Brioche
75 g Butter

Für die Butter Brioche die Butter in einer Pfanne erhitzen, bis sie schäumt. Derweilen die Brioche in 1,5cm dicke Scheiben schneiden und in zwei Scheiben ein 4cm großes Loch ausstechen. Die Brioche in der schäumenden Butter von beiden Seiten goldgelb backen und anschließend auf Küchenpapier abtropfen. Die Pfanne mit der braunen Butter anschließend für den sautierten Spinat nutzen.

Sautierter Spinat

100 g Baby Spinat
6 getrocknete Aprikosen
2 EL Rauch Mandeln
Salz, Pfeffer & Muskat nach Geschmack

Für den sautierten Spinat die Aprikosen in Streifen schneiden und die Rauch Mandeln grob hacken. Dann den Spinat in die Pfanne mit der übrigen Butter geben und mit den Gewürzen abschmecken. Ist der Spinat etwas eingefallen, kommen die Aprikosen und die Rauch Mandeln hinzu.


30 g geröstete Mandelbutter
60 g Blauschimmelkäse
2 Eier
Salz nach Geschmack

Vor dem Servieren die Eier trennen, dabei das Eigelb vorsichtig aufbewahren und das Eiweiß in einer Pfanne mit etwas Butter braten. Das Eiweiß anschließend in Form der Brioche ausschneiden. Zum Servieren eine Scheibe Brioche mit etwas Mandelbutter bestreichen und darauf das gebratene Eiweiß geben. Anschließend den sautierten Spinat darüber verteilen und mit dem aufgeschnittenen Blauschimmelkäse belegen. Nun mit einem kleinen Bunsenbrenner den Blauschimmelkäse etwas gratinieren. Auf den Käse die Scheibe Brioche mit dem Loch legen und dahinein das Eigelb geben. Zuletzt noch mit etwas Salz würzen.

close up of easter bread sandwich with brioche, egg, spinach, smoked almonds, dried apricots and blue cheese
top shot of easter bread sandwich with brioche, egg, spinach, smoked almonds, dried apricots and blue cheese
close up of easter bread sandwich with brioche, egg, spinach, smoked almonds, dried apricots and blue cheese
close up of easter bread sandwich with brioche, egg, spinach, smoked almonds, dried apricots and blue cheese