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The Tool To Blend In

As the headline already says this article is about the Vitamix Professional Series 750. It is the flagship blender of the consumer line Vitamix is producing. This tool is used by me since 2 months now and after this, I can honestly say, I am so happy to know it is just a grip away to support me with my cooking.

Some of the dishes you find here at the Eatery or in my book, that I did the last months, are also made with the Vitamix. I am able to fix a sorbet or a smoothie now in about nothing. Therefore easily putting a smile on my little boys faces. You might not want me to go to deep into technical specs now. The main thing is: why would I spend 899 Euro on a blender? In the following lines I want to let you know about my experience on this.


Not Only To Look At But To Get Work Done

First of all, of course one can get different blenders for different needs. There are also smaller versions available, so you could get exactly the tool you need. Yes I said tool, because that is exactly what it should be. Sure some people are on the look for lifestyle products only, to create a certain look in their kitchen. The point for me is, I can sure use different products but personally a bit of my job as a professional pastry chef is always present at home too.

Discreet In The Background

So when I select my kitchen gear, it is clear to me to have certain products of a certain value (I do not mean the amount of money I spend on a kitchen tool, furthermore the value in points of usability and reliability), because once this is the case, nothing will get in the way while cooking. At home I am not just trying to create a meal, I want my kids to be happy about what is on the table and my guest should remember these gatherings. Sure the Vitamix is not doing the cooking for you, but it is so easy to include it in the process and just rely on the result.


Good For…

The word reliability is very substantial to me. To put it in words: get a cheap and bad crafted product and buy twice. I just want it to work and work and work…even i might be a little careless at some point. It is just good to know it will do the job. So what can I actually do with this blender? For sure I can make smoothies or juices, but there is a much wider range of possibilities, which I will show you every now and then in the recipe section. Now it is too easy to fix ice creams, sorbets, soups, dressings, dips, creams, mayonnaise or drinks to name just a few.

Presets For Mor Convenience

This said makes it ideal for everyday use. I can receive smooth results with such a speed, without even having to strain my food or drinks. Due to that, I might miss out on mineral nitrogen if I always did, while straining the peel of fruits or veggies. The Pro 750 got 5 preset programs to make it even easier for you. One can choose between Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purees as well as Cleaning. It comes with 2.2 Horse Powers (unbelievable), which make sure once you put chunks of anything inside, you would definitely get a creamy and smooth result. It nearly cleans itself, while you just have to dry it after (a really important fact to lazy people like me).


Overall Facts

Coming to an end, it is up to you anyways. So you are a little into cooking or just fresh ingredients and you want that for every day of the week? If so, you should really have a look for one of these fine tools. Underneath you can find the key facts, which definitely got me hooked and in the meantime keep on cooking.

  • very powerful (2.2 HP) but very quiet
  • 5 preset programs
  • reliable because of premium materials
  • nearly self cleaning
  • 7 years warranty

I hope you found this article useful and of course feedback is a gift. Also to me.