Porridge – not only for breakfast

Probably the tastiest balance between breakfast and lunch. Today, I am trying to blend these two together. So for those of you who like to sleep in late, it might be worth reading a little more. Sure, brunch is nothing new, yet this recipe will find some fans of the latter. In our family porridge is a meal we like to prepare on the go. Busy mornings with only little time make it a go to choice on more than one occasion per week.

Only Little Efforts

Who of you out there likes to be woken up with “breakfast is ready”? Personally, for me that would be the ideal but unfortunately not always realistic. So, all of you who like to eat properly with only little efforts, today´s recipe may be an inspiration. Especially on the late mornings after a good night out, when you just can not be asked to cook for hours.

Savory & Sweet

A good breakfast or brunch always starts with a savory item and ends with the sweet part. A cup of coffee and everything is good…so the idea was to bring these two together. For this purpose leek is more than just a vegetable. It combines savory aromas, when roasted nicely but it also evolves sweetness once it is cooked. On that point this is building the bridge with the slightly sweet but also salty passionfruit porridge. To be a little stereotype at this breakfast blend, coffee beans were used for an aromatic pesto and sourdough bread crisps to add a little texture.

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Roasted Leek, Passionfruit Porridge & Coffee

For 2 Persons

Roasted Leek

1 pc Leek
Salt to flavor

Divide the leek in pieces of 10 cm and cut them in halves lengthwise. Heat up a pan with canola oil and fry the leek on the cutting edge. Meanwhile, pre-heat the oven to 160°C and roast the leek further for 6-8 minutes. Afterwards, season with a little maldon salt.

Passionfruit Porridge

300 ml Passionfruit Juice
Vanilla & Salt to flavor
100 g Oats
25 g Butter

In a pot bring passionfruit juice, vanilla and salt to the boil. Then add the oats while stirring and after it thickens the butter.

Coffee Pesto

1 Tbsp Coffee Beans
40 g Hazelnut Oil
1/4 Orange Peel
Salt to flavor

Roast the coffee beans in a pan and empty them in a mortar afterwards. Add some salt and grind them until you get a nice powder. Now add the hazelnut oil and the orange peel and mix well.


2 thin slices of Sourdough Bread
Garden Cress

Before serving, cut down two thin slices of sourdough bread and put them on a tray. Sprinkle some canola oil on top and roast them in the oven at 190°C for 5-7 minutes until nicely brown and crispy. Season with a little salt afterwards.

To start plating, put three pieces of leek next to each other on a plate and put the bread crisps in between them. Next is the coffee pesto, which you simply drizzle on the leek and on the plate. Put a spoon of porridge next to the leek and top it with the garden cress.


Gerösteter Lauch, Passionsfrucht Porridge & Kaffee

Für 2 Personen

Gerösteter Lauch

1 Lauchstange
Salz nach Geschmack

Den Lauch in 10 cm Stücke teilen und halbiere die Stücke der Länge nach. Nun eine Pfanne mit Rapsöl erhitzen und den Lauch auf der Schnittkante anbraten. Inzwischen den Ofen auf 160°C vorheizen und den Lauch für 6-8 Minuten rösten. Anschließend noch mit Maldon Salz abschmecken.

Passionsfrucht Porridge

300 ml Passionfruchtsaft
Vanille & Salz nach Geschmack
100 g Haferflocken
25 g Butter

In einem Topf, Passionsfruchtsaft, Vanille und Salz aufkochen. Unter rühren die Haferflocken einrühren und anschließend die Butter einrühren.

Kaffee Pesto

1 EL Kaffeebohnen
40 g Haselnussöl
1/4 Orangenabrieb
Salz nach Geschmack

Die Kaffeebohnen in einer Pfanne rösten und dann in einen Mörser geben. Mit Salz zu feinem Pulver mahlen und anschließend das Haselnussöl sowie den Orangenabrieb zugeben. Nun alles gut vermengen.


2 dünne Scheiben Sauerteigbrot

Vor dem Servieren, zwei dünne Scheiben Brot schneiden und auf ein Backblech geben. Etwas Rapsöl darüber geben und bei 190°C im Ofen für 5-7 Minuten goldgelb rösten.

Zum Anrichten, drei Stücken Lauch nebeneinander anrichten und die Brotchips dazwischen geben. Nun etwas Kaffee Pesto über dem Lauch und auf dem Teller verteilen. Daneben etwas porridge und darauf etwas Gartenkresse geben.