Gooseberry & Ceviche

You can never go wrong with a good ceviche if you ask me, though this might not be an everybody’s favorite. Ceviche can be enjoyed the classic way with lime, olive oil and some chili or one gives it a regional touch for instance and creates a Peruvian-German fusion recipe. Sure it has to have sour ingredients to actually „cook“ the fish, but no-one says it got to be lime all the time. This makes ceviche so variable, simply use passion fruit, vinegars, cherries or any sour ingredient to customize it. The results are most likely to be tasty.

Garden Tales

My family and me spent a lot of weekends on the countryside near the grandparents. This is a place that has not changed in years nor the planting of many vegetables and fruits. Summer is always the time to harvest the tastiest cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and as you can see, berries. During this season, everybody would bake, tin and cook a lot with the fresh garden treasures.

I love the fact, that my sons grow up knowing to distinguish a self-grown from a bought cucumber. Also, they can experience the amount of energy one has to put in planting, growing and harvesting in order to have a full meal on the plate. We cooked a lot of jam but froze a lot of berries too, so we can make a yummy berry smoothie or ice cream in the colder time of the year. Yet a few berries were used for my gooseberry ceviche.

Gooseberry with…

Here in Germany people bake gooseberry-meringue pies or cook a sour jam from the harvested berries. Me personally, I would run miles for a good meringue pie but as the grandparents already supplied me with this treat, I was open minded to go another way with them. The first ceviche recipe on this blog was two years ago now, so why not doing an update of this dish with some gooseberries? This time cod was the choice of fish, as it has this chunky consistency and it was combined with romaine lettuce and also some bitter yarrow and green chickweed from the garden. If you ask me, this is a fair good recipe to go savory with gooseberries and it will be found on my table for more than once.

Gooseberry Ceviche

For 2 Persons


250 g Cod
1 1/2 Lime Juice & Peel
30 g Olive Oil
2 Chilis
Salt, Pepper & Agave Syrup to flavor

Dice the cod and marinate it with the remaining ingredients for 15 min.


60 g Gooseberries
1 Romain Lettuce
1 Red Spring Onion
1 Green Tomato

20 g Chickweed
10 g Yarrow

Wash the lettuce, chickweed and yarrow, then pull it in random pieces. Cut the gooseberries in halves and the tomato in quarters. Remove tomato seeds (keep them for plating) and slice it. Slice the red spring onion. Mix the ceviche with all remaining ingredients and flavor again if needed. Arrange everything in a bowl.


Stachelbeer Ceviche

Für 2 Personen


250 g Kabeljau
1 1/2 Limettensaft & Abrieb
30 g Olivenöl
2 Chilis
Salz, Pfeffer & Agavensirup nach Geschmack

Den Kabeljau in Würfel schneiden und mit den restlichen Zutaten für 15 Min. marinieren.


60 g Stachelbeeren
1 Salatherz
1 Rote Frühlingszwiebel
1 Grüne Tomate

20 g Vogelmiere
10 g Schafgarbe

Den Salat, Vogelmiere und Schafgarbe waschen und in Stücke zupfen. Die Stachelbeeren halbieren und die Tomate in Viertel schneiden. Die Kerne aus der Tomate entfernen (Diese zum Servieren aufheben) und die Frühlingszwiebel dünn schneiden. Das Ceviche mit den Zutaten vermengen und bei Bedarf nachschmecken. Alles in einer Schüssel servieren.