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Rosehip Braised Chicory with Hazelnuts & Crispbread



Rosehip Braised Chicory with Hazelnuts & Crispbread

To be honest, last year’s Christmas season, apart from counting the empty wine bottles, felt quite modest in terms of the amount of food consumed. What makes me crave “good” food are the massive meat meals everywhere, because after all the roasting, it was now allowed to be a bit lighter again. Feeling bad inside, it was time to take a vegan break. I won’t say forever, but for a good while. Dishes like this braised chicory let me simply breathe again.

Chicory – now and then

When I was little, chicory, with its bitterness, wasn’t necessarily considered the vegetable to entice me to the table, but today it would work. I enjoy the crunchy texture when eaten raw, but I’ve found that braised chicory can be delicious as well. The texture is still firm to the bite, but flavor-wise, chicory then becomes a bit sweeter and combined with the roasted flavors, it’s such a delicious way to prepare chicory. Since I like to have a manageable number of flavors on the plate and like a variation of just one product, of course there had to be raw chicory seasoned with just a little hazelnut oil and orange.

rosehip puree on a sapienstone top
three pieces of yellow and red chicory with black background
a crispbread house with black background
roasted hazelnuts on a baking sheet

Crispbread for texture

To give this recipe a little more consistency and texture, I added a crispy crispbread snow. This was made from brown butter and crispbread and so complemented the rosehip braised chicory quite wonderfully. Now, only a few roasted hazelnuts were missing to round up this recipe. I eat the braised chicory both as a side dish or as a full meal, depending on the mood of the day. A nice winter dish to make it really cozy.

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making crispbread snow with black background
making crispbread snow with black background
rosehip braised chicory in a small pan with black background


Rosehip Braised Chicory with Hazelnuts & Crispbread

2 Persons30 Minutes

Crispbread Snow
  • 60 g Crispbread
  • 50 g Butter
  • Salt, Maple Syrup, Pepper & Orange Zest to taste

For the crispbread snow, brown the butter in a pot. Along the way, crush the crispbread in a kitchen blender. Strain the brown butter through a paper towel and pour over the crispbread. Now season with the spices, put in a mold, lined with foil and freeze in the freezer.

Rosehip Braised Chicory
  • 2 Chicory
  • 50 g Rose Hip Pulp
  • 40 g Butter
  • 40 g Orange Juice
  • Salt & Maple Syrup to taste

Wash the chicory, cut off the stalk and cut in half lengthwise. Now fry in a hot pan with a little oil on the cutting edge and then add the rose hip pulp, the butter and the orange juice. Now put the pan in the oven at 190° for about 5-10 minutes and braise the chicory. Then season to taste with the spices.

  • 40 g Hazelnuts
  • 1 Red Chicory
  • 20 g Hazelnut Oil
  • 20 g Orange Juice
  • Salt, Maple Syrup & Pepper to taste

To serve, toast the hazelnuts in the oven and coarsely crush them. Grate the frozen crispbread into snow with a grater and freeze again. Pluck the red chicory into individual leaves and marinate with hazelnut oil, orange juice and the spices. Now arrange two braised chicories on each plate and spread the red chicory on top. Then add the crispbread snow and the hazelnuts on top of the chicory.

rosehip braised chicory with hazelnuts and crispbread on a brown ceramic plate with black background

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