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Miso Pak Choi with Mushroom Pickles & Pretzel Crisps



Miso Pak Choi with Mushroom Pickles & Pretzel Crisps

Lately I’ve been working on a project for the upcoming holiday season, creating a few recipes and photos to go along with it. Getting a feel for this time of year while it’s summer, with camping weekends, swimming and outdoor BBQ, isn’t the easiest thing to do, I must admit. It still worked out well in the end, but it was very meat and fish afflicted. I also like to eat a little meat here and there, but if it becomes too much, it just doesn’t feel satisfying in the end, rather bad. Out of respect for the product, I couldn’t throw it away after photographing it either and I ran out of freezer space too. However, the desire for vegetarian or vegan recipes and plant-based foods grew and here is my vegetable cure.

Miso & pretzel crisps

My last recipe was a Mexican-German one, and after that I liked the idea of combining my culinary background more often with other styles that I also like. There is absolutely no magic to it, but the results in terms of fresh flavors and aromas are worth doing at times. Try it with a recipe from your grandparents and combine it with flavors from other countries you like! I had some pretzel sticks on hand after making the dumplings and thought about what I could cook with them. The malty flavor of the pretzel sticks somehow brought me to miso paste, it always has a permanent place in my fridge too. In addition to delicious salt dressings and sauces, miso can also be used to prepare wonderful desserts. For this, however, it should first be savory and vegetable based. Pak Choi with its crunchy texture seemed to fit for this very well.

three pak choi on a gray sapienstone top
mint in a glass on a gray sapienstone top
limes on a gray sapienstone top

Pak Choi & Pickles

Roasted flavors are always a win on the plate for me, so my pak choi went into the pan to be followed by miso sauce. This caramelized the pak choi nicely and gave it some depth. Sure, where there’s sweetness, there can’t be a lack of sour tones. My choice here was pickles with mushrooms, these were prepared with Asian as well as German influences. The texture in this recipe is brought by the pretzel sticks, thinly sliced and sautéed in some sesame oil. You see, always bring something from one cuisine together with another to create whole new flavors. Rounded off with some yogurt and fresh mint a delicious vegetarian recipe which you can enjoy all year round.

mushrooms on a gray sapienstone top
greek yogurt on a wooden board on a gray sapienstone top
two pretzel sticks on a gray sapienstone top
mushoom pickles in a jar on a gray sapienstone top
miso roasted pak choi in a cast iron pan on a gray sapienstone top


Miso Pak Choi with Mushroom Pickles & Pretzel Crisps

2 Persons30 Minutes

Mushroom Pickles
  • 120 g Mushrooms
  • 150 ml Water
  • 25 ml Mizkan
  • 20 g Agave Syrup
  • 1 Rosemary Stem
  • 1 Garlic Clove
  • 1/4 Lime Zest
  • Salt to taste

For the mushroom pickles, clean the mushrooms and boil the remaining ingredients. Then add the mushrooms and put the pickles in a jar, this way they will keep well for two to three weeks.

Pretzel Crisps
  • 1 Pretzel Stick
  • Sesame Oil

For the pretzel crisps, cut the pretzel stick into 2 mm thin slices and fry in sesame oil on both sides over medium heat until golden brown. Then drain the oil on kitchen paper.

  • 4 Baby Pak Choi
  • Sesame oil
  • 80 g Miso Sauce link miso eggplant
  • 100 g Yogurt
  • Salt & Lime to taste
  • 2 Mint Stems
  • 1/2 Lime Zest

Before serving, sear the pak choi on all sides in sesame oil and add the miso sauce. Place the pan in the oven and braise the pak choi at 190°C for about 5 minutes. Season the yogurt with salt and lime, then put two spoonsful on each plate. Now press a bowl or a pot on top of it, so that a mirror is formed. Put two pak choi on each plate and arrange the mushroom pickles. Now spread some fresh mint and the pretzel crisps and finally grate fresh lime over the plates.

miso roasted pak choi with mushroom pickles and pretzel crisps on a gray sapienstone top
miso roasted pak choi with mushroom pickles and pretzel crisps on a gray sapienstone top

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