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Caviar & Me

Caviar itself is a premium product and therefore not something I would or either could use on a daily basis as I know that you need to carefully source it. My memories with caviar are going well back a few years when my mother and me were treating us to it for easter or christmas. We would simply enjoy it for breakfast as a deluxe egg dish. The good thing was that we were always just sharing it between the two of us as my sister and dad were not to keen on it. Caviar for us two was always something really special and I guess it is for you guys either when you have the chance to enjoy this treat.

Caviar House & Prunier

The Company, formed in 2004 from the merger of the world’s largest importer of Caspian Caviar, Caviar House (1950) and the traditional company Prunier (1872), is the only caviar merchant who produces his own caviar. When Laurent Sabeau, Managing Director of Prunier Manufacture started cultivating sturgeons in 1990, people found that quite strange. One assumed as a rule, caviar could only come from the Caspian Sea, Russia or Iran. You would probably not think of Montpon-Ménestérol, a small town in south-western France with 10,000 inhabitants. On several acres of untouched nature on the banks of the Gironde near Bordeaux, the Prunier manufactory, headed by Laurent Sabeau, is cultivating high-quality sturgeon.


Being asked to portrait this fine product by Caviar House & Prunier gave me not only the opportunity to shoot some beautiful food pictures, as it is such a photogenic product but furthermore I would be in for some serious caviar pleasure. I received a nice box with 3 very stylish appearing cans of Prunier caviar. I found this being a really important fact as caviar has this dusty image of only being accessible for the rich, locked away in gourmet temples. So when I ask my generation (no gastronomy staff) they would hardly ever get an ingredient like caviar. A said thing but a fact. Nevertheless looking at these three small tins made me feel comfortable in showing them to you guys as well as encouraging even myself to get some in my fridge every now and then.


All caviar varieties come from the same rearing: „We take the roe and decide after its test how it is further processed and what salt content it should get,“ explains Frank Brömmelhaus, Managing Director of Caviar House & Prunier. The decisive criteria are size, color, and texture. According to these characteristics, the salt is added to the roe and to which of the six Prunier varieties it is refined.


Caviar House & Prunier’s products can be quite different in taste, depending on salting and maturation, therefore the taste varies – from mild to strong. A caviar can be found for every palate: The latest „Prunier“ variety is the entry point for grain size, grain consistency and salt content. The flavor is mild and rather uncomplicated. Thei retail rule for this variety is „1 gram for 1 Euro“, which makes it a popular entry-level product especially for younger connoisseurs. Caviar House & Prunier is therefore filling this product in the smallest packaging unit of 10 and 20 grams.


Where To Get It?

For Germany you can either purchase it directly via Caviar House & Prunier (, at the Hamburg Alsterhaus in the Seafood Bar or at the Caviar House & Prunier Shops of Frankfurt Airport.

Caviar In The Kitchen

As I have been visiting Santiago de Compostela lately with all its beauty and tasty food, I brought this one dish home with me. It was so memorable because of its simplicity, its textures and its flavor (credits to Casa Marcelo). Thinking of a dish to involve a product like this fine caviar led me straight to this one. When using caviar one does not want to cover up the natural flavor rather than bringing it up and leaving enough room to evaporate its full aroma. What’s left on the plate is simply crispy and moist potato, egg yolk to combine the two and of course the protagonist. Sounds like nothing but has been the best thing to discover in quite a while for me.


Potato Bark, Egg Yolk & Caviar

For 2 Persons

4 Potatoes
3 Bay Leaves
8 pc Allspice
400 g Canola Oil
3 Eggs
2 Caviar Shots (40g)

Cut the potatoes into rings, as wide as a peeler, and then peel the potatoes into long strips. Afterwards wind them up and pierce transversely with a roulade needle. Then cook the potatoes in salted water with bay leaves and allspice for 15 minutes at low heat. Now take it out of the water and drain on a kitchen towel. Separate the eggs and lightly whisk the egg yolk with a little salt. Now heat the canola oil in a pot (at least twice as high as with oil) and fry the potatoes for 1 min. Then remove from the oil, remove the roulade needles and halve them. Bake again in the oil until they are golden colored. Finally, drain on a kitchen towel and salt lightly. To serve, place the potatoes on a plate, pour the egg yolk over it and add the caviar on top.


Kartoffel Borke, Eigelb & Kaviar

Für 2 Personen

4 Kartoffeln
3 Lorbeerblätter
8 Pimentkörner
400 g Rapsöl
3 Eier
2 Caviar Shots (40g)

Die Kartoffeln in Ringe, so breit wie ein Schäler, schneiden und dann die Kartoffel in lange Streifen schälen. Diese dann aufwickeln und quer mit einer Rouladennadel durchstechen. Die aufgewickelten Kartoffeln nun in Salzwasser mit Lorbeer und Piment bei kleiner Hitze ca. 15 Min. garen. Nun aus dem Wasser nehmen und auf einem Küchentuch abtropfen. Die Eier trennen und das Eigelb mit etwas Salz leicht verquirlen. Nun das Rapsöl in einem Topf erhitzen (mind. doppelt so hoch wie mit Öl) und darin die Kartoffeln 1 Min. anfrittieren. Dann aus dem Öl nehmen, die Rouladennadeln entfernen und halbieren. Jetzt nochmals im Öl backen bis sie gold-gelb sind. Zum Schluss abtropfen und leicht salzen. Zum Servieren, die Kartoffeln auf einem Teller anrichten, mit dem Eigelb übergießen und den Kaviar anrichten.


For The Sweet Tooth

No, we are not done yet on this topic, as I want to show you something most of you would not have discovered before…including me. Caviar as a dessert? Hell yeah and how good that actually goes will show you the following recipe. Just ask yourself when adding a pinch of salt to your cake or dessert, why not using the salt of caviar. It is such a perfect match and you got to try it out yourself. To take it slow you could simply grab a good white chocolate and add a bit of caviar before eating it. There you go, a complete different view on this and one to definitely polarize your guest or family with. My combination for this recipe was shiso, lime, white chocolate and beautiful Prunier caviar.


Frozen Shiso-Lime Sandwich & Caviar

For 3 Persons

1 Egg
1 Egg Yolk
40 g Sugar
200 g whipped Cream
5 Shiso Leaves
1 organic Lime
100 g white Chocolate
2 Caviar Shots (40g)

Mix the egg, egg yolk and sugar in a bowl and heat to about 30°C on a water bath, while constantly stirring. Then remove from the heat and beat until the mix gained volume and is cold again. Finely chop the shiso leaves and add together with the lime juice and peel to the egg. Now carefully fold the cream under the mix and place in a foil-covered mold. Allow to freeze for about 2 hours. Dissolve the chocolate and spread  half of it on a piece of baking paper (as large as the mold). Then place the frozen ice on it and press a little. Place the ice in the freezer for 2 min. and repeat with the other side. To Serve, break the shiso-lime sandwich in chunks and top it up with a spoon of caviar.


Geeistes Shiso-Limetten Sandwich & Kaviar

Für 3 Personen

1 Ei
1 Eigelb
40 g Zucker
200 g geschlagene Sahne
5 Shiso Blätter
1 Bio Limette
100 g weisse Schokolade
2 Caviar Shots (40g)

Das Ei, Eigelb und Zucker in einem Kessel verrühren und auf einem Wasserbad, unter ständigem Rühren auf ca. 30°C erwärmen. Dann von der Hitze nehmen und solange schlagen bis die Masse schaumig und kalt ist. Die Shiso Blätter fein hacken und mit dem Abrieb der Limette und dem Saft zur Eimasse geben. Nun die Sahne vorsichtig unterheben und in eine mit Folie ausgelegte Form geben. Die Masse für ca. 2 Stunden gefrieren lassen. Die Schokolade auflösen und ein Stück Packpapier (so groß wie die Form) mit der Hälfte der Schokolade bestreichen. Darauf nun das gefrorene Eis legen und etwas andrücken. Das Eis für 2 Min. in den Froster legen und erneut mit der anderen Seite wiederholen. Zum Servieren, das Shiso-Limetten Sandwich in Stücke brechen und mit einer Nocke des Kaviar reichen.