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Cantaloupe Throwback

Today´s cantaloupe sorbet recipe is a throwback  at a former job and a restaurant I used to work at 2004 with Steffen Sinzinger from Berliner Speisemeisterei. The menu was rather classic, but very inspiring for me at this time. The time i spent working there of course had an impact on me and my cooking from this day on. I always took a bit from every colleague with me and combined it with my point of view. This is not something that makes you less creative, it is something that lets you grow a bit more and opens your eyes to see a wider perspective.

Now & Then

We used to serve this recipe with fresh strawberries and chocolate brittle. My way today is a spicy chocolate pesto, made from black pepper. I really like the refreshing aspect of this sorbet combined with a slightly spicy touch of the pesto.

For me sorbet is always the better alternative over ice cream and it is done so easy. You do not even need a sorbet machine. I always deepfreeze the main ingredients and then I simply blend them in my Vitamix. Voila in a few seconds ready to eat. I served the „iced cantaloupe“ to my little ones without letting them know that it would be sorbet. Their faces were priceless the moment they wanted to take a big bite. „dad that is no melon, is it ice cream? How is that possible?“ These small things always make them happy and so it did not take long to finish our „iced cantaloupe“.

Try it out yourself on the next hot weekend and treat you and others to this surprising dish.

Cantaloupe Sorbet & Spicy Chocolate Pesto

For 4 Persons

Cantaloupe Sorbet

400 g Cantaloupe (1 pc)
40 ml Lemon Juice
4 cl Vodka
50 g Yoghurt
60 g Sugar

For the sorbet, take the cantaloupe and cut it in halves. Now remove the seeds, cut each half in 3 slices and separate the fruit from the peel. Take a bowl of the size of the melon and cover it with foil. Arrange the peel in the bowl like a melon. Than freeze the Melon and once frozen put each ingredient in a mixer e.g. Vitamix Pro 750 and blend it until smooth. Put the sorbet in the freezer and stir from time to time. Is the sorbet creamy, fill it in the bowl with the peel and keep in freezer until serving.

Spicy Chocolate Pesto

25 pc Black Peppercorns
30 g Dark Chocolate
3 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt to flavor

Grind all ingredients in a mortar until you got a nice pesto.


Cut the sorbet in slices and serve with the pesto


Cantaloupe Sorbet & Pikantes Schokoladen Pesto

Für 4 Personen

Cantaloupe Sorbet

400 g Cantaloupe Melone (1 Stk)
40 ml Zitronensaft
4 cl Vodka
50 g Joghurt
60 g Zucker

Für das Sorbet die Cantaloupe Melone in Hälften schneiden. Diese entkernen und dann in je drei Scheiben schneiden. Das Fruchtfleisch vorsichtig von der Schale trennen und einfrieren. Die Melonenschale in eine mit Folie ausgelegte Schüssel legen. Diese sollte ungefähr die Größe der Melone haben. Die gefrorene Melone mit den restlichen Zutaten im Mixer z.B. Vitamix Pro 750 pürieren. Dann in den Gefrierschrank stellen und gelegentlich rühren. Ist das Sorbet cremig gefroren wird es in die Schüssel auf die Schale gefüllt und bis zum Servieren im Gefrierschrank aufbewahrt.

Pikantes Schokoladen Pesto

25 Schwarze Pfefferkörner
30 g Dunkle Schokolade
3 EL Olivenöl
Salz nach Geschmack

Alle Zutaten im Mörser zermahlen bis ein Pesto entsteht.


Zum Servieren wird das Sorbet in „Melonenscheiben“ geschnitten und mit dem Pesto angerichtet.