Tea Time For Adults

Lately I have been asked to create a recipe by a magazine. It should be light just as one would expect spring to be they said. Berries were also necessary and as I was sitting on my balcony for the first time this year, I really felt spring coming. Suddenly my thoughts went all towards a drink while the sun was loading up my batteries. A beer was all that was left but it totally did the job and led me towards this recipe.

Tea And Beer – A Match Or Just Wrong?

I know it sounds odd, though not completely. Here in Berlin there is a drink that in my opinion is just a tourist thing but some people still tend to go for one here and there. It basically is a white sour beer, the „Berliner Weisse“ which then is getting mixed up with chemical woodruff or raspberry cordial. The taste is sweet and sour but depends on your personal preference and on how much cordial is added to it. The idea of it actually is not to bad but most of the time not my kind of thing.

Challenge Is On

So I was sitting outside thinking how to turn this sour beer into something I could enjoy. Since the raspberry cordial is added normally, I knew fresh berries could not be a bad thing but I was still missing something aromatic and some kind of bitterness. This then led me to think about herbs and tea. My choice was a simple and good Earl Grey and a twist of rosemary. To give it even more body, Gin and Vodka accomplished the mix being just round up by some fresh egg white. Just like a sour and I really like these drinks. The result in my opinion is a complete different story of the actual drink and might be a great start for your first BBQ or garden gathering.


Berlin Tea Time

For 2 Persons


2 Strawberries
10 Blueberries
Peel of ½ organic Lemon
120 ml Water
1 TSP Earl Grey (or 1 Teabag)
200 ml Berliner Weisse
4 cl Berry Liquor
1 cl Vodka
1 cl Gin
1 Rosmary Branch
1 fresh Egg White
2 TSP Agave Syrup

Wash the berries and cut them in quarters. Then peel the washed lemon with a peeler. Put the berries, lemon peel and tea in a bowl and blanch them with the boiling water. Add the Berliner Weisse and leave it to flavor for 5-8 min. depending on your flavor. Now strain the mix and put it in the fridge to chill. Once the mix is cold arrange a few berries, the rosemary and lemon peel in the glasses and top it up with ice cubes. Now shake the mix, liquor, vodka, gin, rosemary, egg white and agave syrup with some ice cubes for 10 seconds and strain the drink into the prepared glasses.



Berliner Tea Time

Für 2 Personen


2 Erdbeeren
10 Baubeeren
Schale von ½ Bio Zitrone
120 ml Wasser
1 TL schwarzer Tee (oder 1 Teebeutel)
200 ml Berliner Weisse
4 cl Beerenlikör
1 cl Wodka
1 cl Gin
1 Rosmarinzweig
1 frisches Eiweiß
2 TL Agavendicksaft

Die Beeren waschen und klein schneiden. Dann die ebenfalls gewaschene Zitrone mit einem Sparschäler zur Hälfte schälen. Nun die Beeren, die Zitronenschale und den Tee mit dem aufgekochten Wasser überbrühen. Die Berliner Weisse zugeben und alles 5-8 Min. ziehen lassen. Danach durch ein Sieb passieren und kaltstellen. Ist der Mix kalt, ein paar frische Beeren, etwas Rosmarin und Zitronenschale in zwei Gläser verteilen und diese mit Eiswürfeln auffüllen. In einem Shaker mit etwas Eis den Mix, Likör, Wodka, Gin, Rosmarin, Eiweiß und Agavendicksaft für 10 Sekunden kräftig schütteln und dann auf die Gläser verteilen.