The way of purchasing food changed a lot during the years and we make more efforts to actually get good ingredients with less packaging. It is important to us to know where it is coming from and how for example veggies have been treated. We go to regional markets to buy from small producers and are trying to be role models for the kids but sure for us too. When it comes down to be certain on what to eat, there is just nothing better to plant and harvest yourself.

Strawberries & Lettuce

I know, there are many of you guys thinking the same and we are finally fortunate enough to have a little area ourselves and make it reality. So after a lot of sweat and efforts, we were finally able to plant something in spring…and what can I say? There is just nothing like it, when being part of the process. Today´s recipe is proudly made of the first tiny harvest of our garden. Even it is just a few strawberries and lettuce, the taste is more than rewarding and will keep us going this way.

Simplicity Of Taste

My recipe is as easy as it can be, relying only on the actual taste of three ingredients: sweet and ripe strawberries, green and refreshing lettuce and some sunflower seeds. Being little back in the days, we always had strawberries with sugar and milk and I somehow wanted to base this dessert on that memory. I simply seasoned the strawberries with lemon and a little maple syrup and served them with a plant based sunflower seed cream. The latter though has been mixed with fresh lettuce and makes a delicious combination with the strawberries.

I will keep you updated on this project and am looking forward to cook with more homegrown food from the garden. It is just such a joy to be involved in such an essential thing like growing your own food…may it be only as little as strawberries. If you like to see other summer treats, you can also check out my Berry Pavlova or my Ayran Black Forest dessert!


Strawberries, Lettuce & Sunflower Seeds

For 2 Persons

Lettuce-Sunflower Seed Sauce

170 ml Water
50 g Sunflower Seeds
10 g Maple Syrup
1 Pinch Salt
1/4 Lemon Peel
50 g Lettuce

If you have a strong blender you can start processing straight away, otherwise soak the sunflower seeds over night. Start to process water and seeds with maple syrup, salt and lemon peel. Once the mix is smooth and creamy, add washed lettuce and blend until green. Then flavor to your gusto and strain the mix through a sieve if you like the sauce to be really smooth. You can also just enjoy it as it is.


15 Strawberries
10 g Maple Syrup
1 Lettuce Heart
1/2 Lemon

Before serving, wash the strawberries, cut them in halves and flavor them in a bowl with maple syrup and a little lemon juice. Cut off some lemon peel with a peeler and slice it in very thin stripes. To plate, arrange the strawberries on one side of a plate and top them up with pieces of a lettuce heart and the lemon peel stripes. In the end, only pour some lettuce-sunflower seed sauce on the plate and your good to go. This simple dessert tastes best if the strawberries are at room temperature and the sauce is nicely chilled.


Erdbeeren, Kopfsalat & Sonnenblumenkerne

Für 2 Personen

Kopfsalat-Sonnenblumenkern Sauce

170 ml Wasser
50 g Sonnenblumenkerne
10 g Ahornsirup
1 Prise Salz
1/4 Zitronenabrieb
50 g Kopfsalat

Sollte ein starker Küchenmixer vorhanden sein, kann sofort begonnen werden, ansonsten einfach die Kerne über Nacht im Wasser einweichen. Zu Beginn werden die Kerne mit Wasser, Ahornsirup, Salz und Zitronenabrieb glatt gemixt. Im Anschluss wird der gewaschene Salat zugegeben und ebenfalls fein gemixt. Wer mag, kann die Sauce nun durch ein feines Sieb passieren um die Konsistenz super glatt zu bekommen, aber sie schmeckt ohne genauso lecker.


15 Erdbeeren
10 g Ahornsirup
1 Kopfsalatherz
1/2 Zitrone

Vor dem Servieren, die Erdbeeren waschen und halbieren, dann in einer Schüssel mit Ahornsirup und Zitronensaft marinieren. Die Zitronenschale mit einem Schäler abschneiden und anschließend in feine Streifen schneiden. Dies geht natürlich leichter mit einem Zestenreißer. Beim anrichten werden die Erdbeeren auf einer Seite des Tellers angerichtet und mit den Zitronenstreifen als auch ein paar gezupften Kopfsalatherzen belegt. Nun lediglich noch die Kopfsalat Sauce angießen. Dieses simple Dessert schmeckt am besten mit Zimmer temperierten Erdbeeren und gekühlter Sauce.