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Better Cooking With STAUB?

„Specialists in terms of international cooking culture“ That is what Staub says about themselves. Is that really what they are? Lets find out. The company is rooted in Alsace, France. If I think of Alsace I think of good old french cooking with its superb taste. Nevertheless they arrived in 2016 and have a lineup from of course La Cocotte, professional knifes to glassware from its brand ZWILLING to name a few.


First Impression

If you look at these pots and touch them for the first time, you will feel a straight connection. Their Material, the way they are build and the classy yet modern appearence will underline these thoughts.  I have been using these pots and pans now at least four times a week to do the cooking for my cookbook. I used them to braise, fry, gratiné, roast, poach or simply for cooking. All these things can be easily done with these pots.

Lasts For Longer Than Tomorrow

Now lets go a bit deeper into details. STAUB combines traditional craftmenship with contemporary technology and the result is for instance La Cocotte. Most of you will have heard from these. I got my first one nearly ten years ago. It still works, what in my case is quite a hard thing. I would say that it has been used a lot, but has not lost its functionality.


Material & Possible Applications

The pots come in a lot of different styles, sizes and colors. All for your different needs, but most of all they are made to use…and you can really work with them. No matter if you have a gas or even an induction stove, you will always be able to cook. They are made from cast iron and their inner surface is especially durable and long living. Therefore it is ideal to fry your food in the beginning on a stove with little oil only and slowly braise it afterwards in the oven. Doing that, roasting flavors will be developed and you get a very own and tasty character. The pots heat up fast and accumulate the heat, which will result in slow cooking and healthy food. Everything will be tender and juicy with if wanted, a roasting flavor.

More Than Pots & Pans

Underneath you can see a few of the Sorrento glasses which are not only good for coffee or muesli. The ceramic bowls with a enamel surface can be used to gratiné or simply serving. Another nice gadget such as the iron coaster (what a beauty for itself) have all different qualities. So as you can see, one can truly find good cooking equipment here.


My Thoughts

Overall, I really liked these pots and still do a lot. Once I was working with them, I have had always good results because of  their capability. I have had no loss of heat if needed to roast nor cold food on the table. So if you got a little into cooking or want to, these pots & pans will be on your side for years to come. That said is a reason to justify the top prices for me. So there could a birthday wish for every year :-).

If you have experiences with these pots, nice recipes or ideas just drop me a line…