Soufflé – no magic

When I started my career back in the days, a soufflé was called the pinacle of dessert making and as you can imagine, it did quite scare me off. Nevertheless, since a few restauants had soufflé on the menu, there was no way out for me, so I had to try it. Firstly, people had to wait for it to bake and you did not want to make them wait for the second try. Secondly, the head chefs did put a lot of pressure on my shoulders as the order came in. In the end it only happened on rare occasions and I grew confident with the experience.

Rules of baking

Firstly, we may also call it poaching, since a soufflé is baked in a waterbath. This allows steam in the oven, which is supporting the soufflé to rise. Secondly, do not beat up the egg whites to a hundred percent, since this will make it harder to combine the soufflé base with the meringue and therefore will result in volume loss. Any volume you are loosing can not be brought back later. Thirdly, try to medium bake a soufflé because it will prevent it from going down once you are plating.

Dessert to impress

If you follow these simple rules, your soufflé dessert will be something to not only wow your guest, but yourself too. It is the joy of a crafted dessert that a lot of people know but only few will try it out. Nevertheless, the fun for cooking and the curiosity to try out new recipes should come first. And believe me, a flat soufflé might not look to appealing but will taste good too. Just put a scoop of ice cream on top and everyone will be happy.


My pastry mentor of the German culinary team always taught me recipes like this one. He would always encourage me to learn the classic cooking techniques first and wait with the wild stuff until I am actually able to know what I do. There was a competition, where we were preparing a similar kind of dessert for the live cooking, yet a little more complex. Nevertheless, I still remember him and his words and am still taking profit of the knowledge I have gained from him. Todays recipe is no magic, it is simple but I promise it will wow your guest and yourself. There is nothing missing for a grand final of a cooking session, well ice cream maybe…

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Skyr Soufflé & Nectarines

For 4 Persons

Lavender Nectarines

2 pc Nectarines
3 Tsp Sugar
20 ml Water
25 g Butter
2 Lavender Blossom Stems

First, cut 1 cm slices of the nectarines and dice them afterwards. Then, heat up a pan with the sugar and water to caramelize. Once that is done add the diced nectarines and the cold butter. Toss the pan carefully and allow the nectarines to caramelize a bit. To finish the nectarines, take the pan off the heat and pick the lavender blossoms. Afterwards put a layer of the nectarine compote into greased soufflé moulds and put them aside.

Skyr Soufflé

200 g Skyr
2 Eggs
1 Tsp Starch
80 g Sugar
Vanilla and Salt to flavor

Firstly, empty the Skyr into a bowl and separate the egg whites from the yolks, while adding the yolks to the Skyr. Then season the mix with a little vanilla. Secondly, put the egg whites into a mixing bowl, add a pinch of salt and only a bit of the sugar and start mixing. This will allow the meringue to gain a better volume. Once the meringue rises, add the rest of the sugar dip by dip. Stop mixing while the meringue is stiff but still creamy. Thirdly, combine the Skyr mix and the meringue by carefully folding the first half of the Skyr into the egg whites, then add the rest. Afterwards fill the soufflé batter in the moulds, add water to the cocotte (1,5cm high) and bake the soufflé at 190° C for 25 minutes. This my shorten, if you are using smaller moulds.


Plating is easy, because you will only need to turn the soufflé over and you are done, as the compote is already included.


Skyr Soufflé & Nektarinen

Für 4 Personen

Lavendel Nektarinen

2 pc Nektarinen
3 TL Zucker
20 ml Wasser
25 g Butter
2 Lavendelstiele mit Blüte

Zuerst die Nektarinen in 1 cm Scheiben und anschließend in Würfel schneiden. Dann eine Pfanne erhitzen und darin den Zucker und das Wasser solange kochen bis der Zucker karamellisiert. Danach die Nektarinen und die Butter zugeben und karamellisieren. Die Pfanne vorsichtig schwenken und von der Hitze nehmen. Zuletzt noch die Lavendelblüten abzupfen und die Nektarinen in gefettete Souffléformen geben. Dann beiseite stellen.

Skyr Soufflé

200 g Skyr
2 Eier
1 TL Stärke
80 g Zucker
Vanille und Salz nach Geschmack

Zuerst den Skyr in eine Schüssel geben und die Eier trennen, dabei die Eigelbe zum Skyr geben. Anschließend noch mit Vanille würzen. Nun das Eiweiß in einen Rührkessel geben, eine Prise Salz dazu und nur einen Teil des Zuckers in den Kessel geben. So kann das Eiweiß besser aufschlagen. Hat der Eischnee an Volumen gewonnen, den restlichen Zucker nach und nach zugeben. Der Eischnee ist fertig, sobald er steif geschlagen, aber noch cremig ist. Dann werden beide Massen vorsichtig miteinander vermengt indem zuerst nur eine Hälfte des Skyr Mix vorsichtig unter den Eischnee gehoben wird und erst dann der Rest dazukommt. Zum Schluss noch die Souffléformen mit der Masse füllen, in eine Cocotte geben und den Boden 1,5cm hoch mit Wasser befüllen. Die Soufflés backen dann bei 190° C für 25 Minuten im Ofen, wobei die Zeit bei kleineren Formen reduziert werden kann.


Das Anrichten ist ganz einfach, lediglich das Soufflé auf einen Teller stürzen und fertig, denn das Kompott ist ja schon dabei.