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A Cookbook With Soul


If you have a look around, you will find tons of cookbooks and a lot of them are really nice. Even I usually do not get my inspiration from books, my way just did not get around this one. The IZAKAYA cookbook written by my friends, the owners of Mochi Vienna, has a personal touch to me. Edi, Nicole, Tobi and Sandra are not only restaurant owners nor do they lead the Mochi as a typical one. Once entered, one will be at home in the company of good friends for the time being there.

The best evenings are those when the glasses never go empty from aperitif to the last drink. Those where conversations pick up pace with each plate and everyone goes home feeling good, having shared more than one great meal. This is Izakaya! The Japanese pub stands for family hospitality and a Umami cuisine that is unparalleled outside of Japan – and that can be found in Mochi Vienna.

Opened in 2012 by my four friends, the restaurant has achieved cult status in no time with its unique cuisine style. In this book they reveal the most popular Mochi recipes for the first time: fresh ingredients meet the full taste of soy sauce and sake and are easily combined into delicious dishes and served in the sharing principle. Between the recipes interspersed information about the Japanese food culture provide a topic of conversation. With good food in the company of friends, the most ubiquitous Japanese gesture comes naturally: a smile.

My Recipe Of Choice

As this shall not be a book review rather an appetizer to make you hungry for more. I have chosen the recipe that occurred to me at first sight to be featured here: An easy going sea bass tartar served on crispy nori leaves. This and obviously many more in the book are synonymous dishes for the Mochi style that are a big part of the success. It is not about hidden techniques of cooking, it is about the importance of great products and creative ways to combine them. For me but also for you guys an absolute must in your cookbook shelf. Be inspired by the simplicity of Edi´s cooking and surprise your guests with one of his dishes.

Sea Bass Tartar & Crispy Nori

For 4 Persons

Sea Bass Tartar

400 g Sea Bass
6 Green Shiso Leaves
1/4 bunch Chives
10 g Ginger
2 tbsp Saikyo Miso
1 tbsp Yuzu Juice
Salt to flavor

Cut of the skin and remove all bones of the fish. Now dice in 5 x 5 mm, chop the herbs and grind the ginger. Combine all ingredients and flavor with salt to your gusto.


4 Nori Leaves
Mixed Cress

Cut the nori leaves in 4 equal squares (7 x 7 cm) and crisp them up a little with a small torch by simply moving the fire over the nori surface. Just before serving add a spoon of tartar on the crispy nori leaves and decorate with cress.

Now enjoy & smile!


Wolfsbarschtatar & knuspriges Nori

Für 4 Personen


400 g Wolfsbarsch
6 Grüne Shisoblätter
1/4 Bund Schnittlauch
10 g Ingwer
2 TL Saikyo Miso
1 TL Yuzusaft
Salz nach Geschmack

Den Wolfsbarsch von Haut und Gräten befreien und in 5 x 5 mm Würfel schneiden. Den Ingwer reiben und die Kräuter hacken. Nun alles miteinander vermengen und mit Salz abschmecken.


4 Noriblätter

Die Noriblätter in 4 gleiche Quadrate schneiden (7 x 7 cm) und mit einem kleinen Bunsenbrenner abflämmen sodass sie knusprig werden. Erst zum Servieren je einen Löffel Tatar auf die Noriblätter geben und mit der Kresse dekorieren.

Nun genießen & lächeln!