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If you read my recipes on a regular basis, you know they vary from casual, to elegant, from savory to sweet and from snacks to drinks. All of them can be enjoyed at different occasions and therefore have their eligibility in my recipe book. When I get asked for my favorite one, I can not dare to point out one and dismiss the other. Cooking and most of all eating have a lot to do with occasions, time or mood. I love good junk as much as I do to spent a whole day in the kitchen for a menu. Everything depends on the things above. Today though and because of wanting to pay duty to the specialty, it had to be something elegant.

Great Food Deserves Great Wine

My luxury is tending to be more made by moments and enjoyment rather than things. I have to admit, I still try to focus more on this but I am on the way. It is just so much more pleasure to share memories and what can be better to sit on one table with friends or family, great food and good wine of course. In my opinion the ultimate way to touch peoples hearts. For this reason I teamed up with MILLÉSIMA, the European leader in selling Grand Cru wines online. They feature all the big wines from France as well as big vintages from other countries. Sure, this may not be the place to buy an every day bottle, as one has to be willing to pay a little more. Still, for all these special moments you want to serve special things too and enjoy a nice wine pairing.

My Wine Pairing

…has been a beautiful Chardonnay, as it was just a perfect match for todays recipe. This dish is very light yet paired with intense flavors. The Chardonnay from New Zealand did not only match the flavors, it furthermore enhanced the whole thing with its buttery and fruity notes. In case you are a little concerned of what to get, one does not have to be a wine nerd I think. You just got to know what you like and should be willing to try out a few things. To make it a perfect match as it has been for me, just give the guys from MILLÉSIMA a bell and let them point out the best bottles for you.

Santé and do not forget to share these moments!

Quince Poached Cod, Black Radish & Lovage

For 2 Persons

Lovage Foam

10 g Lovage Leaves
5 g Parsley Leaves
200 g Yoghurt
60 ml Milk
Salt & Agave Syrup to flavor
3 pc Gelatin

Soak the gelatin in cold water for 15 minutes. Put all remaining ingredients into a blender and process them at high speed until smooth and green. Then flavor the mix to your gusto, squeeze out the gelatin and melt it with five spoons of the mix. Combine everything, fill it into an iSi bottle and charge it with one CO2 capsule. Now leave to thicken in the fridge for three hours.

Quince Poached Cod

500 g Quince
100 ml Chardonnay
400 ml Vegetable Stock
Salt, Agave Syrup & Lemon Peel to flavor

2 pc Cod Filet (120 g each, without skin)

Guar Gum to thicken

Cut the quince in quarters, remove the seeds and dice it roughly afterwards. Put all ingredients in a pot, bring it to the boil and leave it to flavor at minimal heat for 45 minutes. Strain the stock through a sieve and bring it to the boil again. Now remove from heat and carefully place the cod in the stock and leave it to cook for 8-10 minutes. Once cooked, take the fish out of the stock and slightly burn it using a torch. At last, thicken the quince stock with guar gum and flavor again.


1 Black Radish
Salt, Agave Syrup & Lemon Juice to flavor

Cut the radish in halves and slice it very thin, leaving the peel on. Flavor the radish slices with salt, agave syrup and lemon juice and leave it for 10 minutes at the side. Twist small cones out of the slices and put them in a circle on a plate. Now add a second layer on top and pipe some lovage foam in the middle. Then place a piece of cod next to the radish and pour a little quince sauce in between.

Bon Appetit!


Quitten Pochierter Kabeljau, Schwarzer Rettich & Liebstöckel

Für 2 Personen


10 g Liebstöckelblätter
5 g Petersilienblätter
200 g Joghurt
60 ml Milch
Salz & Agavensirup nach Geschmack
3 Bl. Gelatine

Die Gelatine in kaltem Wasser für 15 Minuten einweichen. Die restlichen Zutaten in einen Mixer geben und bei hoher Geschwindigkeit fein mixen. Nun die Gelatine ausdrücken und mit fünf Löffeln des Fonds in einem Topf schmelzen. Alles zusammenrühren, in eine iSi Flasche füllen und mit einer CO2 Kapsel befüllen. Den Schaum für drei Stunden einkühlen.

Quitten Pochierter Kabeljau

500 g Quitte
100 ml Chardonnay
400 ml Gemüsefond
Salz, Agavensirup & Zitronenschale nach Geschmack

2 Stk. Kabeljaufilet (je 120 g, ohne Haut)

Guarkernmehl zum andicken

Die Quitten vierteln, entkernen und grob würfeln. Dann alle Zutaten aufkochen und bei kleinster Hitze 45 Minuten ziehen lassen. Nun den Fond durch ein Sieb passieren und erneut aufkochen, danach von der Hitze nehmen. Jetzt den Kabeljau einlegen und für 8-10 Minuten garziehen lassen. Nachdem der Fisch gegart ist, vorsichtig aus dem Fond nehmen und mit einem Brenner abflämmen. Zuletzt den Fond mit etwas Guarkernmehl andicken und nachschmecken.


1 Schwarzer Rettich
Salz, Agavensirup & Zitronensaft nach Geschmack

Den Rettich halbieren und in sehr dünne Scheiben schneiden, dabei die Schale nicht entfernen. Nun mit den Gewürzen abschmecken und für 10 Minuten ziehen lassen. Dann aus den Scheiben kleine Kegel drehen und diese auf einem Teller kreisförmig anrichten. Nun nochmals eine zweite Schicht Rettich darübergeben und den Liebstöckelschaum in die Mitte dressieren. Daneben je ein Stück Kabeljau anrichten und dazwischen etwas Quittensauce angießen.

Bon Appetit!