Pumpkin, The Taste Of Autumn

As the headline says, this is what pumpkin is for me and this is what an autumn plate sometimes looks like for us. Sure there is more to come, like chestnuts, beets or spices but a good recipe to make it a start. What are your favorite dishes for the season or whats your must have ingredient these days? Taking one ingredient and making it shine in different ways, is something I always enjoy. It does not complicate things yet makes a very interesting experience on your palate.

Pumpkin x3

For this recipe I decided to rather keep it simple with using the pumpkin in three ways. One could easily add a cream or a kind of soup in the middle of the pumpkin slices too but that comes down to your motivation. My recipe includes roasted pumpkin (I think I tend to roast every vegetable I get my fingers on but it is just to tasty), a mayonnaise based on the seeds oil and simply roasted seeds. My aromatic twist is brought in by sage which makes it a bit mediterranean too. Some good old skyr to bring it all together and that is it.

…and does your mouth starts watering? No problem, just try it out yourself. Mix it up with another herb or add another ingredient and make it your own!

Bon Appétit!

Pumpkin Tripple & Sage

For 4 Persons


1 Hokkaido Pumpkin
20 g Canola Oil
Maldon Salt to flavor

Cut the pumpkin in 2cm thick slices and put it on a baking sheet with paper. Brush the surface with the canola oil and roast it for 10-15 minutes at 230°C. Flavor with the malden salt afterwards.

Pumpkin Seed Mayonnaise

1 Egg Yolk
1/2 Tsp Mustard
70 g Pumpkin Seed Oil
Salt & Agave Syrup to flavor

Mix the egg yolk with mustard and a pinch of salt and a dash of agave syrup. Now slowly mix in the pumpkin seed oil while constantly stirring. Once all the oil is used, flavor again to your gusto.


4 Sage Stems
100 g Canola Oil

120 g Sour Dough Bread

80 g Skyr
Salt to flavor

40 g Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Peel of the sage leaves and cut the bread in very thin slices. Then fry the sage leaves in the hot canola oil and afterwards the bread slices in the same oil to flavor the bread crisps. Put both on a kitchen paper to soak up the oil. Mix the skyr with a bit of salt and fill it in a small piping bag as well as the mayonnaise in a second one. Now put one slice of pumpkin on a plate and pipe some dots of pumpkin seed mayonnaise and skyr on it. Randomly break the bread crisps and stick them into the pumpkin. To finish the plates, add the pumpkin seeds and sage leaves.


Kürbis Tripple & Salbei

Für 4 Personen


1 Hokkaidokürbis
20 g Rapsöl
Maldon Salz nach Geschmack

Den Kürbis in 2cm dicke Scheiben schneiden, auf ein Backblech mit Papier geben und mit dem Rapsöl einpinseln. Diese im Ofen bei 230°C für 10-15 Minuten rösten und anschließend mit Maldon Salz würzen.

Kürbiskern Mayonnaise

1 Eigelb
1/2 TL Senf
70 g Kürbiskernöl
Salz & Agavensirup nach Geschmack

Das Eigelb mit Senf, einer Prise Salz und Agavensirup verrühren. Nun nach und nach das Kürbiskernöl einrühren und danach nochmals abschmecken.


4 Salbeistiele
100 g Rapsöl

120 g Sauerteigbrot

80 g Skyr
Salz nach Geschmack

40 g Geröstete Kürbiskerne

Die Salbeiblätter abzupfen und das Brot in sehr dünne Scheiben schneiden. Nun zuerst die Salbeiblätter in dem erhitzten Rapsöl frittieren und anschließend in dem selben Öl die Brotchips rösten. Danach beides auf Küchenpapier abtropfen lassen. Jetzt den Skyr mit etwas Salz verrühren und in eine kleine Spritztüte geben, die Mayonnaise ebenfalls in eine Tüte füllen. Zum Anrichten, jeweils eine Scheibe Kürbis auf einen Teller geben und die Mayonnaise und den Skyr in wilden Punkten aufdressieren. Zum Schluss, die Brotchips wild brechen und in den Kürbis stecken, dann noch die Kerne und den Salbei anrichten.