Pavlova…(B)erry Tasty

Hello everybody. The pavlova is a well known cake all over the world. Especially in New Zealand and also Australia it is very common. While both countries claim to have it invented, it might be somehow a national Cake. If you ask me, it does not matter, thus all I care about is taste, simplicity and a nice appearance. In 2004 I got involved with the pavlova the first time while spending a year in both countries. To be honest with you, I did not imagine it to be any good but you know…Here I am now, writing a post about it.


The Pavlova is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pawlowa and both, look and mouth feeling are modeled on her tutu. It is not only light and white, its appearance is also so fragile. The key character is a crispy shell with a soft heart. Afterwards the pavlova is filled with cream and berries or passionfruit. Of course one can find all kinds of shapes, sizes and fillings but when it comes down to that, it is like art: just a matter of taste. Here is mine…

My Pavlova

July in Berlin is berry season, so guess what I chose to accompany? Here I went rather classic, while still a little different because of the salty note. The slightly salted cream adds a rather exciting flavor to the pavlova and you know: where is sweetness, there must be salt. Of course it is the same the other way around. My personal favorite are small individual portions, because first of all they are easier to eat. Second you can make exactly the amount of portions desired, therefore third, you would not have all at once. These tiny cakes are just to delicious but are not a lightweight on calories. See it as a treat and do not worry about it.

Create your own pavlova and taste the summer!

Pavlova with Salted Cream & Berries

For 4 Persons

Meringue Shells

3 Egg Whites
150 g Sugar
Salt to flavor

For the shells, beat the egg whites with sugar and salt until stiff but creamy. Then place a sheet of baking paper on a tray and start to mould the shells with a spoon as you see in the pictures above. Now bake them at 110°C for about an hour. Note, that the pavlova shells should be crispy outside and still sticky inside. Afterwards leave to cool down.

Salted Cream

125 g Cream
1/4 pc Vanilla Bean
10 g Sugar
Salt to your gusto
1/4 Lemon Peel

Beat all ingredients until the cream stiffens. Place it in the fridge until serving.


25 g Sugar
2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar
60 g Blueberries
20 ml Orange Juice
1/4 Orange Peel
Salt to flavor
150 g mixed berries of choice

For the berries, caramelize the sugar in a pan. Then add vinegar, juice, blueberries and spices. Now leave to cook for 5 min. at medium heat until everything gets a silky consistency. Remove from heat and leave to cool down. Once it is cold, carefully add the mixed berries.


Fill the meringue shells with a spoon of the salted cream and top it up with the berries.


Pavlova Mit Salziger Sahne & Beeren

Für 4 Personen


3 Eiweiße
150 g Zucker
Salz nach Geschmack

Für die Baiserschalen, das Eiweiß mit Zucker und Salz aufschlagen bis die Masse steif, aber noch cremig ist. Dann ein Backpapier auf ein Blech legen und mit einem Löffel die Schalen, wie auf dem oberen Bild formen. Nun bei 110°C ca. eine Stunde backen. Die Pavlovaschalen sollten außen knusprig und innen weich sein. Danach zum auskühlen zur Seite stellen.

Salzige Sahne

125 g Sahne
1/4 Vanilleschote
10 g Zucker
Salz nach Geschmack
1/4 Zitronenabrieb

Alles aufschlagen, bis diese steif geschlagen ist. Nun bis zum servieren kalt stellen.


25 g Zucker
2 tsp Balsamicoessig
60 g Blaubeeren
20 ml Orangensaft
1/4 Orangenabrieb
Salz nach Geschmack
150 g gemischte Beeren nach Wunsch

Für die Beeren, den Zucker in einem Topf karamellisieren. Dann Essig, Saft, Blaubeeren und Gewürze zugeben. Das ganze dann für 5 Min. bei mittlerer Hitze köcheln, bis die Konsistenz sämig ist. Nun zum auskühlen vom Herd nehmen und anschließend mit den gemischten Beeren vermengen.


Die Baiserschalen mit einem Löffel der gesalzenen Sahne füllen und darüber die Beeren geben.