Season`s Greetings

Lately a good warming soup was to find quite often on our table. The kids love it and we enjoy the cozy warmth it gives us after a cold day. Soups are also made so fast with only very few ingredients, that my be a reason for having a lot of it these days too. Today though, I would like to show you a slightly different version. Not that it is made with rare ingredients but the combination of sweet – fruity – bitter makes it somehow a little special.

Bitter Tones – For Those Who Can

Sure these kinds of flavors may be a bit polarizing but hey, cooking and taste is freedom. What I personally like most about this recipe is the smooth transition of sweet parsnip to the bitterness of the radicchio. It somehow reminded me of a good Negroni. Nevertheless, one can decide how much radicchio to be added to the soup or you could even sauté a few leaves and don’t mix anything into the soup at all. You see, it is just an inspiration…what will be on your plate in the end is only up to your preference.

Enjoy every spoon!

Parsnip-Radicchio Soup, Tangerine & Chestnuts

For 3 Persons

Parsnip-Radicchio Soup

350 g Parsnip
1 Onion
50 g Butter
300 ml Milk
200 ml Vegetable Stock
80 g Radicchio
1 Tangerine Juice
Salt & Maple Syrup to flavor

Peel the parsnip roots and the onion and cut them in pieces of 2cm. Sautée both in a pot with the butter and deglaze with milk and veggie stock. Leave to cook at low heat until the parsnip is cooked soft. In the meantime squeeze out the juice of the tangerine and slice the radicchio in 1cm slices. Once the parsnip is cooked add radicchio and juice. Now bring everything to the boil again and empty the soup into a blender. Process the soup until creamy and flavor with salt and maple syrup to your gusto.


150 g Chestnuts
45 g Radicchio
2 pc Tangerine
Garden Cress

Cut a cross into the chestnuts and roast them in the oven at 190°C for 10 minutes. Wait a few minutes and peel off the skin. Now cut the radicchio in very thin slices and peel the tangerines. Then cut out the segments with a knife. To serve, pour some soup into a bowl and sprinkle some chestnuts, tangerines as well as the radicchio stripes on top. Garnish the soup with fresh garden cress.


Pastinaken-Radicchio Suppe, Mandarine & Kastanien

Für 3 Personen

Pastinaken-Radicchio Suppe

350 g Pastinake
1 Zwiebel
50 g Butter
300 ml Milch
200 ml Gemüsefond
80 g Radicchio
1 Mandarine Saft
Salz & Ahornsirup nach Geschmack

Die Pastinaken und die Zwiebel schälen und in 2cm Stücke schneiden. Beides in der Butter anschwitzen und mit Milch sowie Brühe ablöschen. Nun bei kleiner Hitze alles weich kochen. In der Zwischenzeit den Radicchio in 1cm Stücke schneiden und die Mandarine entsaften. Ist die Pastinake weich gekocht, den Radicchio sowie den Mandarinensaft zur Suppe geben. Jetzt alles nochmals aufkochen und anschließend im Blender cremig mixen. Zum Schluß noch nach Geschmack würzen.


150 g Kastanien
2 Mandarinen
45 g Radicchio

Die Kastanien kreuzweise einschneiden und im Ofen bei 190°C für ca. 10 Minuten rösten. Danach einige Minuten warten und die Kastanien dann schälen. Den Radicchio in feine Streifen schneiden und aus der Mandarine Filets schneiden. Zum Anrichten, etwas Suppe in eine Schüssel geben und darüber Radicchiostreifen und Maronen, als auch die Mandarinen geben. Die Suppe mit der Gartenkresse dekorieren.