Good Food Can Not Be Any Easier

I guess a miso roasted eggplant is nothing new to most of you, but I just could not get around it. I am always writing about simple and good food and telling you, it is not hard to enjoy a good meal. Especially, when sometimes everything might seem to overwhelm ones head, it is so good to come home and fixing a nice treat, to get a little distance of the everyday life. Best thing is, that this recipe again is done in no time, with a minimum effort.

Miso On Stock Is A Must

After the years in the kitchen, I learned one thing for sure: to have it on stock is always a good idea. I never cook my miso sauce just for one dish, I store it in the fridge and use it for all kinds of dishes. Besides it can be stored for weeks. I season salads and pasta with it, I marinate fish or meat or I cook a custard for an Asian dessert, flavoring with miso. You see, sky is the limit.

On The Plate

I roasted the eggplant with my miso sauce and while it was cooking in the oven, there was enough time to take care of the remaining items. Ripe and sweet cherries, a little spring onions, toasted sourdough bread and kefir. After I was done there was even enough time to open up a beautiful chilled Chardonnay. You see done with no effort, but enjoyed with maximum pleasure.

Bon Appétit!

Miso Eggplant, Cherries, Kefir & Sour Dough Bread

For 2 persons

Miso Eggplant

1 Eggplant
50 ml Water
25 g Sugar
35 g Miso Paste
1 tsp Fish Sauce
1 tsp Soy Sauce
1/4 tsp Sesame Oil

Bring water and sugar to the boil and afterwards cook it for 5 min. Now add miso paste, fish and soy sauce and sesame oil. Once this is done, whisk until smooth and put it in the fridge. In the meantime wash the eggplant and cut it in halves. Now cut small squares in the surface, put it in a pan and marinate each half with two tablespoons of miso sauce. At last roast it in the oven at 210°C for 15 min. Then marinate again with miso sauce and leave for another 15 min. in the oven until cooked and colored.


2 Slices Sourdough Bread
1 pc Spring Onion
10 Cherries
100 g Kefir
Salt to flavor

Wash the cherries, cut them in halves and remove the seeds. Then wash the spring onion and cut in thin slices. Now toast the sourdough bread. Once the eggplant is cooked, drizzle some Kefir on a plate and put the eggplant on top. Flavor it with salt and add the spring onion and cherries. Serve with the crispy bread.


Miso Aubergine, Kirschen, Kefir & Sauerteigbrot

Für 2 Personen

Miso Aubergine

1 Aubergine
50 ml Wasser
25 g Zucker
35 g Miso Paste
1 TL Fisch Sauce
1 TL Soja Sauce
1/4 TL Sesamöl

Zuerst den Zucker mit Wasser aufkochen. Nun 5 Min. köcheln lassen. Dann Miso Paste, Fisch- und Soja Sauce, sowie Sesamöl einrühren. Rühren bis die Soße glatt ist. Die Aubergine waschen und in Hälften schneiden, Diese dann kreuzweise einschneiden. Nun in eine Pfanne legen und jede Hälfte mit je zwei Löffeln Miso Sauce marinieren. Die Aubergine nun im Ofen bei 210°C für 15 Min. rösten. Dann herausnehmen, erneut mit Miso Sauce marinieren und für weitere 15 Min. weiter rösten, bis sie gar und gold-gelb sind.


2 Scheiben Sauerteigbrot
1 Frühlingszwiebel
10 Kirschen
100 g Kefir
Salz nach Geschmack

Die Kirschen waschen halbieren und die Kerne entfernen. Danach die Frühlingszwiebel waschen und in dünne Streifen schneiden. Nun das Sauerteigbrot toasten. Ist die Aubergine fertig, wird Diese mit etwas Salz gewürzt. Inzwischen jeweils etwas Kefir auf den Teller geben, darauf die Aubergine anrichten. Die Frühlingszwiebel und die Kirschen anrichten und mit dem knusprigen Brot servieren.