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Green Kiwi

This tiny fruit is a real health booster. It covers the vitamin C requirement of a grown up person per day and supplies you with antioxidants and minerals. But this would not be Eatery Berlin if I wrote this article only based on nutrition rather than a tasty experience. If I am thinking of kiwi, my mind would be always connected with two things. First: a beautiful road trip around New Zealand, the origin of kiwi fruits and second: my childhood. Growing up in the eastern part of Germany, my family and I would have the chance to try this fruit at the age of nine years. Even though the shops would ask a fortune for one kiwi fruit back in 1989, my mother bought us one fruit to share between the four of us. Ever since this memory got marked in my head.

More than fruit salad

In cooperation with Zespri Kiwis I created a savory recipe for all of you, as I think a perfectly ripe kiwi can be more than that. I do not mean not to enjoy a fruit salad for a healthy breakfast or snack, but I like the thought of giving a good product a twist from time to time. Also, most people (including me) would not think of a savory dish in combination with a kiwi in the first place. So, I sat down and thought it over for a bit and came up with a really simple and tasty recipe for you guys.

Fast as 1-2-3

During the warm period of the year I love to use green smoothies as a sauce for any kinds of dishes. I combine sorrel and avocado, pak choi and grapes or in this case I thought of a liquid salad. Easy said but even more simple to do so. I threw some Lollo Bianco lettuce, a few Zespri Kiwis and a bit of apple juice in a blender and ready I was. Actually, I think, if you would use less lettuce, more kiwi and maybe a banana with some oats, this could well be a liquid breakfast. Adding some roasted flavors with a charred cucumber gave this dish a real savory character and was only rounded up with some skyr. Sure, the eye did not want to be forgotten for a multi sensual experience and therefore a simple dish with a sexy appearance.

Charred Cucumber, Kiwi Salsa, Skyr & Dill

For 2 Persons

Kiwi Salsa

2 Zespri Green Kiwis
100 g Lollo Bianco Lettuce
50 ml Apple Juice
Salt, Pepper & Agave Syrup to flavor

Process all the ingredients in a high-speed blender until creamy texture and flavor to your gusto with the spices.

Charred Cucumber

2 Mini Cucumbers
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper to flavor

Heat up a pan with a tiny bit of oil and char the cucumber from all sides. Cut it in halves lengthwise after it cooled down and remove the seeds with a spoon. Flavor it with the spices.


160 g Skyr
Salt & Lemon Peel to flavor

1 Zespri Green Kiwi
60 g Sugar Snaps
2 Dill Stems

Flavor the Skyr with the spices to your gusto. Thinly slice the Kiwi and roll the slices up. Cut the sugar snaps in stripes and pull off the dill. Place the cucumber in a wide bowl and fill it with skyr, then arrange sugar snaps, kiwi and dill on top. To finish, sprinkle some maldon salt on the cucumber and add the green kiwi salsa.


Gebrannte Gurke, Kiwi Salsa, Skyr & Dill

Für 2 Personen

Kiwi Salsa

2 Zespri Green Kiwis
100 g Lollo Bianco Salat
50 ml Apfelsaft
Salz, Pfeffer & Agavensirup nach Geschmack

Alle Zutaten in einem Hochgeschwindigkeitsmixer cremig pürieren.

Gebrannte Gurke

2 Mini Gurken
Salz & Pfeffer nach Geschmack

Eine Pfanne erhitzen und die Gurken mit wenig Öl von allen Seiten anrösten. Nach dem Abkühlen der Länge nach halbieren und die Kerne mit einem Löffel auskratzen. Nun mit den Gewürzen abschmecken.


160 g Skyr
Salz & Zitronenabrieb nach Geschmack

1 Zespri Green Kiwi
60 g Zuckerschoten
2 Dillstiele

Den Skyr nach Gusto abschmecken. Die Kiwi in dünne Scheiben schneiden und aufrollen. Die Zuckerschoten in Streifen schneiden und den Dill zupfen. Die Gurken in breite Schüsseln geben und mit Skyr füllen. Dann Zuckerschoten, Kiwi und Dill anrichten. Zuletzt etwas Maldonsalz auf die Gurken geben und die Kiwi Salsa anrichten.