Kale Season

Kale itself in this part of the world is quite popular as soon as temperatures drop below zero. People tend to stuff theirselves with loads of it being braised for hours, rather mashed than with consistence and no color left at all. Usually German Kale is accompanied by pork belly, sausages and smoked pork chop. Not that I could not enjoy it but for me a lighter way to celebrate kale was very welcome at this point. Also all good substances are kept in the kale so the healthy point of view was considered too.


A long time ago, I was invited to a supper club by an old friend. One part of the really great menu was kale. It was served firm to the bite and delightful rich in taste and texture. I did what I normally do in those cases: get out the notebook and write this discovery down. Note to myself: Create a dish containing blanched kale soon. Well soon was maybe a bit over the top but hey better late than never ey?

So a few weeks later, I was watching a cooking TV show in which the chef was making a sort of pie out of spiced bread and duck. There it was again, the moment of inspiration. This pie looked really delicious and me having the kale back in mind and the fruit cake I just made last week, I attached the following to my memo: Combine kale and fruit cake and make a pie out of it. Now, here I am with my final composition out of blanched kale, spicy apple-mustard chutney, pickled onions (pretty in pink), creamy cheese and moist fruit cake. My kale cake requires a bit of preparation but is well worth the effort.

Kale Cake

For 2 Persons

Apple & Mustard Chutney

1 apple (e.g. Elstar)
25 g sugar
10 g butter
1 tbsp apple vinegar
1 tsp mustard seeds

Wash the apple and cut it in wedges. Melt the sugar to a caramel and add the butter, apple wedges and mustard seeds. Then cook the apple at medium heat and closed lid for about 5 min. and stir eventually.

Pickled Onions

½ onion (red)
60 ml water
2 tbsp apple vinegar
2 bay leafs
5 allspice
salt, sugar to flavor

Cut the red onions in thin wedges. Put water, apple vinegar, bay leafs, allspice, sugar and salt into a pan and boil it up. Now add the onions and let it cook at low heat for about 5 min. with closed lid


70 g kale
salt, pepper, sugar, chili flakes, nutmeg to flavor

Wash the kale, pluck small leaves and blanch it in salted water for a few seconds, then repel it in ice water. Now dry it and season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and chili flakes.


1 small loaf of cheese (e.g. Epoisses)
Fruit cake

For the fruit cake coating find the recipe here. Freeze it for 1 hour and cut it in 4mm slices, then cover the edge and bottom of a ring with it. The ring should be greased before. Preheat the oven to 190°C.  Spread the kale evenly into both cakes and layer it with the apple chutney. Cut the cheese in thick slices and cover the top of the cake evenly with it. Now bake the cakes for 10 min. and serve it with the pickled onions.


Grünkohl Törtchen

Für 2 Personen

Apfel & Senf Chutney

1 Apfel (z.B. Elstar)
25 g Zucker
10 g Butter
10 ml Apfelessig
1TL Senfsaat

Für das Chutney, den Apfel waschen und in Spalten schneiden. Dann den Zucker zu Karamell schmelzen, mit Butter deglacieren und Apfel mit Senfsaat zugeben. Nun alles für 5 Min. bei geschlossenem Deckel garkochen, dabei eventuell umrühren.

Zwiebel Pickles

½ Zwiebel (rot)
60 ml Wasser
20 ml Apfelessig
2 Lorbeerblätter
5 Pimentkörner
Salz, Zucker

Die Zwiebel schälen und in Spalten schneiden. Die restlichen Zutaten aufkochen, die Zwiebeln zugeben und für 5 Min. bei geschlossenem Deckel garen.


70g Grünkohl
Salz, Zucker, Chiliflocken, Muskatnuss, Pfeffer

Den Grünkohl waschen, kleine Blätter abzupfen und in Salzwasser für ein paar Sekunden blanchieren. Den Kohl in Eiswasser abschrecken, abtropfen und mit Salz, Pfeffer, Muskat und Chiliflakes würzen.


1 kleiner Laib Käse (z.B. Epoisses)

Für das Früchtebrot ist das Rezept hier. Das Früchtebrot für 1 Stunde einfrieren und in 4mm Scheiben schneiden, dann einen Ring damit auskleiden und den Boden bedecken. Der Ring sollte vorher gefettet sein. Den Ofen auf 190°C vorheizen. Nun den Grünkohl in den Ringen verteilen und darauf das Apfel Chutney geben. Den Käse in dicke Scheiben schneiden und die Törtchen damit verschließen. Jetzt für 10 Min. im Ofen überbacken und mit den Essig Zwiebeln servieren.