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Herbs–Yogurt Ice Cream With Grilled Peaches & Olive Oil

Summer, sun and a refreshing ice cream simply belong together. If you help yourself to what is available in the garden, the homemade creamy ice cream is even better. But did you know that you can combine culinary pleasure and help for people in need? The guys from Pouli Organic Olive Oil make it possible.

greek yogurt on yellow and blue background
white peaches on yellow and blue background
herbs in glass straws on yellow and blue background

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – organic, fair & social

“When companies focus on environmental awareness, fair working conditions and social responsibility, they can have an enormously positive impact on people and nature. We act exactly according to this maxim and would like to make our contribution to this new way of doing business in the long term.” Otto and David, the two founders of Pouli, spent six months on Lesbos in Greece themselves in 2019 and directly experienced the situation of refugees on the island. “We were shocked that people in Europe have to live in such undignified conditions. We want to help change that.”

pouli olive oil on yellow and blue background
herbs and yogurt ice cream on yellow and blue background

Greek Olive Oil – combines taste and help

Organic farming and fair payment of small farmers are basic requirements for Pouli. In addition, five percent of all sales go to the Hamburg-based aid organization Medical Volunteers, which provides basic medical care for refugees in Greece. The olives for Pouli Organic Olive Oil are harvested by hand and then cold pressed in a purely mechanical process, thus preserving the secondary plant compounds. The organic cultivation method, traditional harvesting and natural processing on site form the basis for quality that you can taste.

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pouli olive oil on yellow and blue background

Creamy Ice Cream & Grilled Peaches

This simple recipe for creamy yogurt ice cream should have a Mediterranean character just like the mild Greek olive oil itself. Our garden also held just the right ingredients for this. A colorful mixture of herbs and delicious Greek yogurt melted on the tongue as a delicious ice cream. Accompanied by grilled white peaches and a good spoonful of extra virgin olive oil, it ended up as a delicious dessert for warm summer evenings. Try it out and order a bottle of Pouli organic olive oil, so the little sin still becomes something good for others.

If you are looking for more dessert inspirations, you may want to have a look at this delicious Peach Melba dessert or my sourdough ice cream sandwich with salted caramel!


Herbs–Yogurt Ice Cream With Grilled Peaches & Olive Oil

For 8 Persons

Herbs–Yogurt Ice Cream

150 ml Milk
100 g Sugar
½ Lemon
½ TL Guar Gum
Salt to flavor
½ Bunch Mint
½ Bunch Basil
½ Bunch Parsley
½ Bunch Green of Carrots
450 g Greek Yogurt

For the herbs–yogurt ice cream, put the milk, sugar, lemon zest and guar gum in a blender. Wash the herbs and pluck them in the blender, keeping the stems for the peaches. Feel free to vary the herbs according to your taste and availability. Now blend everything until smooth and then mix with the Greek yogurt. Freeze the ice cream mix in the ice cream maker and let it mature in the freezer for about 1 hour afterwards.

Grilled Peaches

8 White Peaches
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Herb Stems
1 tbsp Honey
½ Lemon
Salt to flavor

For the grilled peaches, first cut all the fruits in half, remove the seeds and then cut each half into three pieces. Heat up a pan, add a little olive oil and fry the peaches in it. Once the peaches have taken color, add the rest of the ingredients and toss the pan. Let the grilled peaches cool down a bit before serving.


Herbs Mix
8 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

To serve, place the lukewarm grilled peaches in a bowl and arrange a scoop of herbs–yogurt ice cream on top. Now pluck a few fresh herbs and refine with extra virgin olive oil.

a blue ceramic bowl with herbs and yogurt ice cream with grilled peaches and olive oil
a blue ceramic bowl with herbs and yogurt ice cream with grilled peaches and olive oil on yellow background
a blue ceramic bowl with herbs and yogurt ice cream with grilled peaches and olive oil on yellow background


Kräuter–Joghurteis mit Gegrilltem Pfirsich & Olivenöl

Für 8 Personen


150 ml Milch
100 g Zucker
½ Zitrone
½ TL Guarkernmehl
Salz nach Geschmack
½ Bund Minze
½ Bund Basilikum
½ Bund Petersilie
½ Bund Karottengrün
450 g griechischer Joghurt

Für das Kräuter–Joghurteis die Milch, Zucker, den Abrieb der Zitrone und Guarkernmehl in einen Blender geben. Die Kräuter abwaschen und ebenfalls in den Blender zupfen, dabei die Stiele für die Pfirsiche aufbewahren. Gerne könnt ihr mit den Kräutern nach Belieben und Verfügbarkeit variieren. Nun alles fein mixen und anschließend mit dem griechischen Joghurt vermengen. Den Eis Mix in der Eismaschine gefrieren und danach noch für ca. 1 Stunde im Gefrierschrank reifen lassen.

Gegrillte Pfirsiche

8 weiße Pfirsiche
Natives Olivenöl
1 EL Honig
½ Zitrone
Salz nach Geschmack

Für die gegrillten Pfirsiche zunächst alle Früchte halbieren, entkernen und anschließend in je drei Stücke schneiden. Eine Pfanne erhitzen, etwas Olivenöl zugeben und darin die Pfirsiche anbraten. Haben die Pfirsiche Farbe genommen, kommen die restlichen Zutaten dazu und die Pfanne wird durchgeschwenkt. Die gegrillten Pfirsiche vor dem Servieren noch etwas abkühlen lassen.


Kräuter Mix
8 EL Extra Natives Olivenöl

Zum Servieren die noch lauwarmen gegrillten Pfirsiche in eine Schale geben und darauf eine Kugel Kräuter–Joghurteis anrichten. Nun noch ein paar frische Kräuter zupfen und mit nativem Olivenöl verfeinern.

herbs and yogurt ice cream with grilled peaches and olive oil on yellow background