Fruit Cake Or Bread?

You now this is a question I can´t really answer nor does it matter because it is all a point of what you are after. Enjoy it with some aromatic cheese and it will be your bread or simply have it with salty butter as a treat and it will be a cake.


Fruit cake or more likely a bread was traditionally eaten in the south of Germany during christmas season. In the beginning it was just a simple dark bread made with dried pears. It was enjoyed after christmas mass and given to the family by the man of the house and even sometimes to the cattle for good luck. Usually a glass of pear liqueur was proffered with the bread. Later, when people got a little wealthier, one startet to add more kinds of dried fruits and nuts. After a while the amount of dough was reduced and the opposite happened with the fruits. Sugar was and is not necessary because of the sweet ingredients.

My Fruit Cake

Actually there is no such thing…it is a traditional recipe with absolutely no changes. Why? Because it is just perfect as it is. Preparation might take a minute more but since it is so rich on natural sugar it will last a while without going bad. I keep mine frozen and just cut off a slice if I have a good cheese in my fridge. It is a true energy bomb and got great flavor to offer the ones who baked their own loaf.

So stay tuned for more recipes including this lovely fruit cake…

Fruit Cake

For 4 Persons


60 g dried apples
100 g prunes
85 ml water
10 g raisins
45 ml Kirsch
45 g dried figs
60 g dried dates
45 g dried apricots
45 g walnuts
40 g almonds
125 g candied lemon peel
125 g candied orange peel
110 g flour
20 g yeast
85 g water
½ lemon (peel)
1 tsp cocoa powder
star anise, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, salt to flavor

Dice dried fruits and nuts. Warm up 85 ml of Water and pour over the dried fruits with the Kirsch, then leave to get soaked for 2 hours. Warm up the rest of the water and mix it with the yeast and 1/3 of the flour. Now leave the covered mix on a warm spot for 20 min. Meanwhile blend the spices in a kitchen machine to powder. Afterwards combine the dough with the remaining flour, cocoa powder and spices and place it in a flour covered baking pan. Bake the fruit cake for 80-90 min.



Für 4 Personen


60 g Dörräpfel
100 g Dörrpflaumen
85 ml Wasser
10 g Rosinen
45 ml Kirschwasser
45 g Dörrfeigen
60 g Dörrdatteln
45 g Dörraprikosen
45 g Walnüsse
40 g Mandeln
125 g Zitronat
125 g Orangeat
110 g Mehl
20 g Hefe
85 ml Wasser
½ Zitrone (Abrieb)
1 TL Kakaopulver
Sternanis, Zimt, Nelke, Kardamom, Salz nach Geschmack

Die Trockenfrüchte und Nüsse klein hacken. Dann 85 ml Wasser erwärmen und mit dem Kirschwasser über die Trockenfrüchte geben und 2 Stunden einweichen. Nun das restliche Wasser erwärmen und mit Hefe, sowie 1/3 des Mehls vermengen und abgedeckt an einen warmen Ort stellen. Jetzt die Gewürze in einer Küchenmaschine zu Pulver verarbeiten. Nach 20 min. den Teigansatz mit dem restlichen Mehl, Kakao und Gewürzen verkneten. Dann die eingeweichten Trockenfrüchte zugeben und den Mix in eine gemehlte Backform geben. Das Früchtebrot bei 160°C ca. 80-90 Min. backen.