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Carrot & Hay


Vegetarian | Gluten-Free | Sugar-Free

Carrot & Hay

Sometimes we spend a few days on the countryside with the children to visit our grandparents. With over ninety years on the clock, they still grow a lot of food themselves in their big garden. Potatoes, cabbage, berries and carrots are just some of them. Besides a few chickens, from which we always get eggs, there are also rabbits. They are fed with lots of vegetable leaves and hay from their own meadows. When the grass has grown high again, grandpa takes out the scythe and cuts the grass and leaves it to dry in the sun for a few days. When you come into the garden it smells like hay and summer meadow, simply amazing. This inspired me to create a recipe with hay and I packed a bag of hay to share with you how aromatic hay can be in the kitchen.

five carrots with white sapienstone top and yellow background
a mini hay dice with white sapienstone top and yellow background
cream in a glass bottle with white sapienstone top and yellow background
two red apples on a wooden board with white sapienstone top and yellow background

How to bring carrot and hay together?

My goal was to capture the wonderful hay aroma in a vegetarian recipe and integrate it without difficult cooking methods. To get a strong aroma at all, I had to roast the hay in the oven beforehand. This is very similar to roasting nuts, because they are roasted before you put them on a salad too. But the question was still how to integrate the taste into my vegetarian recipe. I decided to use two variants or textures of the hay flavor. Firstly, I wanted to flavor vegetables and secondly, I wanted to get the hay in a sauce. Again, our grandparents’ garden was inspiring enough and so carrots have been my choice. With their sweetness and earthiness, carrots were a beautiful ingredient for this vegetarian recipe. Of course, the green of the carrots also found its use. Although I initially wanted to use it simply as an herb salad, I decided to do something else when cooking.

carrots in hay with green staub cast iron pot with white sapienstone top and yellow background
making hay sauce in a metal sauce pan with white sapienstone top and yellow background
green of carrots in tiny flower pots with white sapienstone top and yellow background
hay carrots on a white plate with white sapienstone top and yellow background

Carrot and hay – a wonderful taste

In this easy vegetarian summer recipe, we now have a carrot cooked on roasted hay, which was slightly dehydrated in the oven and thus presented its sweet taste even more. At the same time the hay draws aroma into the carrots and gives them a nice touch of roasted cereals. Then the carrots were coated with hazelnut oil and covered with chopped green from the carrots. The sauce for this recipe is very rich, as fat is known to carry the taste. Like a tea, a stock of cream, onion and carrot peels was poured over the hay and could thus excellently pass on its taste. A little bit of fresh apple has added some acidity to the plate and there you go, a great vegetarian summer recipe.

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Carrot & Hay

2 Persons20 Minutes

Hay Carrots
  • 3 Carrots
  • 40 g Hay
  • 1 tbsp Hazelnut Oil
  • 5 Stems Green of Carrot
  • Salt to flavor

Put the hay in a pot and toast it in the oven at 180°C until it gained some color. You can of course toast the hay for the sauce with it as well. Meanwhile peel the carrot and keep the peels for the sauce. Cut off the ends, put them on the toasted hay and put a lid on the pot. Now cook them in the oven at 190°C for 1 hour. If you rather want them to be really soft, give them 10 minutes more time in the oven. Put the carrots on a plate and toss them in the hazelnut oil. Afterwards chop the green of carrot and roll the oil covered carrots inside the green. Cut the carrots in various sizes and you are ready to serve them.

Hay Sauce
  • 20 g Hay
  • Carrot Peels
  • 1/2 Onion
  • 250 g Cream
  • Salt to flavor

For the hay sauce, dice the onion and empty it in a pot together with the carrot peels and the hay. Pour the cream on top and bring it to the boil. Afterwards reduce the heat to the minimum and cover the pot with a lid. Leave it to flavor until the carrots are cooked. Afterwards strain the mix through a fine sieve and flavor it with a little salt. If you like, you can thicken it with a little starch.

  • 1 Apple
  • 1 tbsp Hazelnut Oil
  • 1/2 Lemon Peel

Before serving, cut the apple in halves and in very thin slices. Marinate them with hazelnut oil and lemon peel and start plating. First splash the sauce on a plate (in an artistic way) and put the hay carrots on top. Arrange some apples next to the carrots and season with a little Maldon salt to finish things up.

carrot and hay on a white plate with white sapienstone top
carrot and hay on a white plate with white sapienstone top
carrot and hay on a white plate with white sapienstone top and yellow background

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