Courgette, Almond Butter, Madras Curry & Blueberries

My Culinary Post Card

For me, when visiting other countries or cities, they get explored best with an old film camera and loads of good food. Doing so, one can bring so many inspirations back home or come up with new ideas for the daily cooking.Today I wanted to share one of those recipe with you. This is my holiday give away for you guys.  My courgette recipe is a delicious starter or side dish (as I wood have to eat quite a lot of them to fill up my tummy) to show you a different way of enjoying these vegetables. I believe, usually courgettes are roasted, cooked or fried yet we can enjoy them “raw” too.


I never say everything and each recipe is only my work. There are too many influences, colleagues or friends who inspire too. Sometimes, I only change a tiny bit on a dish I have eaten to make it “mine”. The raw courgette is a dish like that. While staying in Copenhagen for a vacation, I experienced such an honest and sustainable gastronomy that I simply wanted to take a part of it home. The raw courgette is only salted to “cook” it which was so simple yet tasty. Usually this vegetable is not the strongest one in taste and does require some aromatic help. Curry definitely adds this special support in taste and the rest is written below…

Hopefully you will like it as much as I do.

Courgette, Almond Butter, Madras Curry & Blueberries

For 2 Persons


1 Green Courgette
1 Yellow Courgette
Salt to flavor

Wash the courgettes and cut of the ends. Now shred them lengthwise at 2mm thickness and flavor them with a bit of salt.

Almond Cream

100 g Almonds (with peel)
20 g Canola Oil
Salt & Pepper to flavor

Toast the almonds at 190°C for 5-8 minutes and put them in a blender together with the oil while still warm. Blend the mix until creamy and flavor with the spices.


2 Tsp Madras Curry Powder
60 g Blueberries

Roast the curry powder in a pan and cut the blueberries in halves. Start the plating with spreading two spoons of the almond cream on a plate and arrange both of the courgettes on top. To finish sprinkle the roasted curry powder on the courgette and add some blueberries.


Zucchini, Mandelcreme, Madras Curry & Blaubeeren

Für 2 Personen


1 Grüne Zucchini
1 Gelbe Zucchini
Salz nach Geschmack

Die Zucchinis waschen und auf 2mm dünne Streifen abhobeln. Diese dann mit etwas Salz würzen.


100 g Mandeln (ungeschält)
20 g Rapsöl
Salz & Pfeffer nach Geschmack

Die Mandeln bei 190°C für 5-8 Minuten im Ofen rösten und anschließend, noch warm im Blender mit dem Rapsöl fein pürrieren. Dann mit den Gewürzen nach Belieben abschmecken.


2 TL Madras Curry Pulver
60 g Blaubeeren

Das Currypulver in einer Pfanne rösten und die Blaubeeren halbieren. Zuerst 2 Löffel Mandelcreme auf einem Teller verteilen und darüber die gewürzten Zucchinistreifen wild anrichten. Zum Schluß das geröstete Currypulver und dann die Blaubeeren darüber verteilen.