Coconut poached Chicken, Black Salsify, Chickweed & Lemon Mushrooms

Inspiration Everywhere

Todays dish is a light but very tasty coconut poached chicken with black salsify, lemon mushrooms & chickweed. This dish got its inspiration in a small thai restaurant I have recently been to. I had a soup for starter and suddenly came up with this idea, why not a poached chicken for the next eatery recipe. So a few days later I went to my local grocery store to get a bit more of inspiration, obviously just chicken would not make a dish. Strolling through the store, these lemon mushrooms caught my eye and what can i say, a lemon mushroom to accompany my coconut chicken was just perfect. The black salsify made it to my shopping car quite fast as well as the chickweed did and so, all set I went back home to get going.

Chicken & Coconut

My result came out really nice as far as I think and it did not take much time or efforts to do so. I decided to go with mashed black salsify, simply poach the chicken breast in a brew of coconut milk and spices and leave the rest to its natural taste and texture. The chicken when cooked slowly is nice and tender with its scents of asian cuisine accompanied by a simple puree and oil-lemon marinated mushrooms and chickweed. I hope i brought you in the mood to try it out once and will be happy about your comments on this lovely dish.

Coconut poached Chicken, Black Salsify, Chickweed & Lemon Mushrooms

For 2 Persons

Black Salsify

250 g Black Salsify
20 g Butter
150 ml Milk
Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg to taste

For the salsify just peel it, cut it in pieces and sauté it in butter. Add the milk and leave to cook at low heat for 10 min. The Salsify should be soft and the milk reduced to the half. Blend everything in a kitchen machine, then flavor with the spices.


2 Chicken Breast
300 ml Coconut Milk
1 Lemongras
10 g Ginger
2 cl Sake
2 tbsp Fishsauce
Salt to taste

Cut ginger and lemongras and bring all ingredients to the boil except the chicken. After 5 Min add the chicken to the brew and leave to cook slowly with remaining heat of the liquid for 10-15 min.


40 g Chickweed
40 g Lemon Mushrooms
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 Lime
Salt, Pepper to taste

For serving marinate the mushrooms and the washed chickweed with the oil, lime peel and juice and spices. Arrange the puree on a plate, cut the chicken in half and put it on top. Flavor it with salt and arrange mushrooms and chickweed on the plate.


In Kokos pochiertes Hühnchen, Schwarzwurzel, Vogelmiere & Limonen Seitlinge

Für 2 Personen


250 g Schwarzwurzel
20 g Butter
150 ml Milch
Salz, Pfeffer, Muskat nach belieben

Für die Schwarzwurzel Diese schälen und in kleine Stücke schneiden. Dann in Butter sautieren und mit der Milch aufgießen. Alles bei kleiner Hitze für 10 Min. garen lassen, dann sollte die Wurzel weich und der Fond auf die Hälfte reduziert sein. Alles in einer Küchenmaschine pürieren, dann mit den Gewürzen abschmecken.


2 Hühnchenbrüste
300 ml Kokosmilch
1 Zitronengras
10 g Ingwer
2 cl Sake
2 EL Fishsauce
Salz nach belieben

Den Ingwer und das Zitronengras klein schneiden und alles bis auf das Hühnchen aufkochen. Den Fond 5 Min. ziehen lassen und dann das Fleisch einlegen und für 10-15 Min. mit der Resthitze langsam garen.


40 g Vogelmiere
40 g Limonen Seitlinge
2 EL Olivenöl
1/2 Limette
Salz, Pfeffer nach belieben

Zum Servieren die Saitlinge und die gewaschene Vogelmiere mit Olivenöl, Limettensaft und Abrieb, sowie Salz und Pfeffer marinieren. Nun das Püree auf einem Teller anrichten, das Hühnchen in Hälften geschnitten darauf anrichten und salzen. Zum Schluss die Limonensaitlinge und die Vogelmiere anrichten.