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Who is Ceramics 3punktf?

Ceramics or tableware is one of the key themes, when it comes to the art of plating. It is about the tableware for instance  on which I present my food to you. 3PunktF is a small yet really beautiful manufactory 50km from Hamburg. Ceramics 3PunktF, that is Melanie Follmer, she studied design before bringing this lable to life in 2012 and is now crafting ceramics „without wanted otherness“…“using radiant colors“…“with tradition, but with conscious design“. I think that describes her products the way I can see them too.


Melanies Style

She wants to create tableware, which is suitable for a daily use and has three lines in her portfolio. The first has been series Süd, soon came series Nord and the latest would be series Cosmo. She combines contrasts, such as white and dark anthracite with smooth and dull surfaces. The color range is from light and simple to radiant, depending on the line. She crafts smooth and simple round shapes as well as straight ones and you should not miss out on anything that ensures a beautiful table.

Quality Over Quantity

Melanie says, ceramics need a laid back perspective, it is none of the things one just does on the side. Every step of the production process has its certain time and only this time. It is not merely her, furthermore it is the material itself, which defines the procedure. The result is a vivid tableware, nothing more, but nothing less. For us chefs people like Melanie make the difference when it comes to atmosphere in the restaurant and designing our dishes, may it be at work or at home for our loved ones.


Influence On Me

When I look at her tableware, it occurs very clear to me how I want to present or even make my food taste. It should have the same aspects as she self describes her ceramics. What makes the difference to me is her attitude towards her craft, when she talks about it, it is very synonymous as myself talking about food. As I say, where there is no love, there is no touching moment. Go have a look at her side and maybe you will have some fine 3PunktF ceramics in your cupboard soon.


What It´s For

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