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Leek In Its Purest Taste

Looks as rustic as a campfire but tastes so tender and bitter-sweet. This dish will leave no mouth dry and will let you crave for more. Today I want to show you another sample of a very fulfilling vegetarian dish. As explained in earlier posts I think one does not have to miss out on meat completely to set a sign for a good and healthy farm culture. Though if meat, than a good one from a good supplier. In the meantime I like to put my mind on tasty dishes with a vegetable background. I cooked this one at this years IFA in the Siemens IQ 500 trend kitchen for around 200 persons in total and there was only positive feedback even from some big guys.

Food Pairing

What does this actually mean? It is the scientifically based search for ingredients with one or multiply matching aromas. As for example a piece of chocolate is not only including cocoa aromas, furthermore there are roasted, fruity or other ones included. The second step would be to go and search for another ingredient with one or more matching ones. In the end there might be compositions which may not sound to appropriate but when tasted, you will be surprised.

The Protagonists

First there is the leek. In this case, it is strongly roasted from one side but cooked until sweet and creamy to be accompanied by some black beer. We have the pumpernickel bread with a slightly bitter note to it which only got flavored with some orange zest and a bit of beer too. To bring it all together I used skyr as a kind of culinary glue which brings fat and sour notes to the dish. In the end a few more roasted tones from hazelnuts to amplify the roasted leek and that is it. I really like the local and seasonal aspect of this dish but not to forget its taste. But hey, find out yourself and try it out at home.

Beer Braised Leek, Pumpernickel & Skyr

For 2 Persons


1 pc Leek
60 ml Black Beer

Wash the leek and cut it in pieces of 10cm which are then cut lengthwise. Heat up a pan and fry the leek until colored . Now deglaze with a bit of beer and put in in an oven at 190° for 3 – 5 min. Put the pan back on the stove and add the remaining beer to be reduced. Then turn the leek around and flavor it with sea salt.


60 g Pumpernickel
20 g Black Beer
Salt, Pepper & Orange Peel to flavor

Process the pumpernickel in a kitchen machine for a few seconds until it is all crumbly. Now add the remaining ingredients and flavor it upon your choice.


100 g Skyr
Salt & Lemon Peel to flavor

Flavor the skyr with lemon peel and juice as well as salt.


40 g Hazelnuts
½ Lemon

Roast the hazelnuts which are then just crushed. Now arrange the leek on a plate and add some pumpernickel and skyr. To finish the plate, just sprinkle some crushed hazelnuts and a bit of freshly rinded Lemon peel on top.


In Bier geschmorter Lauch, Pumpernickel & Skyr

Für 2 Personen


1 Stange Lauch
60 ml Schwarzbier

Den Lauch waschen, in 10cm Stücke schneiden und diese der Länge nach halbieren. Den Lauch auf der Schnittfläche in einer Pfanne mit etwas Öl anbraten. Nun mit etwas Bier ablöschen und die Pfanne mit Lauch im Ofen bei 190° 3 – 5 Min. garen. Danach die Pfanne erneut auf den Herd setzen und mit dem restlichen Bier ablöschen. Sobald das Bier eingekocht ist den Lauch wenden und mit etwas Meersalz würzen.


60 g Pumpernickel
20 g Schwarzbier
Salz, Pfeffer und Orangenabrieb nach Geschmack 

Das Pumpernickel in einer Küchenmaschine zerkleinern und mit den restlichen Zutaten abschmecken.


100 g Skyr
Salz und Zitrone nach Geschmack 

Den Skyr mit Salz, Zitronenabrieb und Saft abschmecken.


40 g Haselnüsse
½ Zitrone 

Zum Servieren, die Haselnüsse im Ofen bei 190° rösten und grob zerstoßen. Den Lauch wild auf dem Teller verteilen und darüber den angemachten Skyr geben. Jetzt noch etwas Pumpernickelerde auf dem Lauch verteilen und zum Schluß frische Zitronenschale über den Lauch reiben.