Salmon & Asparagus-Matcha Sauce

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Matcha, The Savory Way

Salmon with green asparagus-matcha sauce it is today folks. As you can certainly tell, summer has arrived here in Berlin and so it happened to be rather summer recipes lately. A good summer dish for me is simple and made fast. It includes a lot of vegetables, is fresh in taste and not served to warm.

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The basic idea comes from my mate at work, who is actually named like myself. Ben likes to call a quite similar sauce: „spring jus“. He is the talented chef de cuisine of VOX Restaurant here in Berlin. His cooking has a strong asian influence and bursts of spices and flavor. Ben inspired me a lot for some recipes for my Bowl Stories cookbook. This is what I love about being a chef, you get to know so many different characters and styles. If you like to learn, you just need to open eyes and ears to do so.

Culinary Explanation

But lets get back to today´s dish. As mentioned earlier it is simple as it could be. All you need is a good piece of any fish, even I used salmon. A nice slice of beef could work and vegans could use a nice bulgur salad to accompany this summer sauce. All I did was frying some asparagus and throwing it into my Vitamix together with a few other things. Blended it and done. The acid note was given by some blueberries, that is it. I like to enjoy dishes like this one, because there are not to many carbs included, which would probably make me extremely tired in hot temperatures. Try it out and create something else from this base.

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Salmon & Asparagus-Matcha Sauce

For 2 persons

Asparagus-Matcha Sauce

125 g Green Asparagus
1 TBSP Apple Vinegar
50 g Avocado
125 ml Vegetable Stock
1 TSP Matcha
75 ml Passionfruit Juice
1 TBSP Agave Syrup
25 g Yoghurt (Vegan Yoghurt to make it vegan)
Salt, Pepper to Flavor

Wash the asparagus and chop off 3cm of the sticks. Now fry it in a hot pan with a little oil until a little colored, then add the vinegar to it and remove the pan from heat. Put the asparagus in your blender and mix it with the remaining ingredients until creamy. Flavor with salt and pepper and put it in the fridge until serving.


300 g Salmon Filet
20 g Butter
1 Lemon Grass
Garden Cress

Now wash the salmon and cut it in two even filets. Fry the fish in a medium hot pan with a little oil on the skin until crispy. Now remove the pan from heat and turn the salmon on the other side. Add butter and lemon grass and leave in the pan until the fish is medium cooked (of course you can leave it in the pan for longer, if you like your fish more cooked). Flavor it with salt and arrange it in a bowl. Pour some sauce on the side and add cress and blueberries to your gusto.


Lachs & Spargel-Matcha Sud

Für 2 Personen

Spargel-Matcha Sud

125 g Grüner Spargel
1 EL Apfelessig
50 g Avokado
125 ml Gemüsefond
1 TL Matcha
75 ml Passionsfruchtsaft
1 EL Agavendicksaft
25 g Joghurt (Veganer Joghurt um es vegan zu machen)
Salz, Pfeffer nach Geschmack

Für die Sauce, den Spargel waschen und 3 cm von den Enden abschneiden. Nun in einer heißen Pfanne mit etwas Öl anbraten bis er Farbe nimmt, dann den Apfelessig zugeben und vom Herd nehmen. Den Spargel jetzt zusammen mit den restlichen Zutaten im Mixer fein pürieren. Zuletzt mit Salz und Pfeffer abschmecken und bis zum Servieren in den Kühlschrank stellen.


300 g Lachsfilet
20 g Butter
1 Zitronengras

Nun den Lachs abspülen und in zwei gleich große Filets schneiden. Den Fisch in einer halb heißen Pfanne mit etwas Öl auf der Hautseite langsam knusprig braten. Die Pfanne vom Herd nehmen, den Fisch wenden und Butter, sowie Zitronengras zugeben. Die Filets nur solange in der Pfanne garziehen bis der Fisch glasig gegart ist (natürlich kann er auch länger durch gebraten werden). Jetzt mit Salz würzen und in einer Schüssel anrichten. Etwas Sud angießen und die Kresse und die Blaubeeren darüber verteilen.