Sake & Rice

Lately there was a cocktail competition I wanted to join and the following was my attempt to do so. As I am a huge fan of rice wine, the theme was set in no time but how to include Sake and come up with a nice and tasty drink? Well back then I made a dessert with sake. To support the rice flavor I infused cream with roasted rice and this was what I did  for this drink too. The result is a soft nutty flavor that gives you the smell of rice once you breath in after the first sip. The drink is somewhere in between a sour and a classic short drink. So if you are searching for a nice drink to offer your friends the next time, why not giving them a kiss…The Kiss of Sake.

Cheers everyone!

The Kiss Of Sake

For 2 Persons


20 g Basmati Rice
150 ml Guava Juice
50 ml Passion Fruit Juice
1/2 organic Lime
3 cl Sake
1 cl Vodka
20 g Egg White

Put the rice in a pot and roast it until brown. Now add guava and passion fruit juice and leave it to flavor for 30 min. Strain the juice through a sieve and bring together all ingredients in a shaker. Add ice cubes and shake for 20 seconds until creamy and cold. Strain the drink on fresh ice cubes to serve.


The Kiss Of Sake

Für 2 Personen


20 g Basmati Reis
150 ml Guavensaft
50 ml Passionsfruchtsaft
1/2 Bio Limette
3 cl Sake
1 cl Wodka
20 g Eiweiss

Den Reis im Topf rösten bis er braun wird und dann den Guaven- und Passionsfruchtsaft aufgießen. Alles für 30 Min. ziehen lassen und anschließend durch ein Sieb passieren. Nun alle Zutaten in einem Shaker mit Eiswürfeln für 20 Sekunden kalt und cremig shaken. Zum Servieren auf frische Eiswürfel passieren.