Miso Roasted Pak Choi, Mushrooms & Lye Crisps

The Veggie & Miso Cure

Lately I have been working on a project for the next Christmas season, creating a few recipes and photographs. Getting a feeling for this season while it is summer with camping weekends, swimming and outdoor bbq is not the easiest thing to do, I got to admit. Anyways it worked out really well in the end but included a lot of meat and fish. It is not that I would not like to have a bit here and there but so much in such a short time just felt not satisfying in the end, rather guilty. But in respect for the product I could not dump it after taking my picture. The craving for veggies and plant based food though grew and why not featuring it on the blog.

Fusion Cuisine Continues…

My last recipe posted was a Mexican-German fusion recipe and after it, I really liked the idea of combining my cooking heritage with other styles that i also enjoy. There is absolutely no magic to it but the results in terms of fresh flavors and taste are really worth doing so. Try it out with a recipe of your grandma and combine it with flavors you like from other countries!

What’s On The Plate?

Roasted flavors are always a winner and therefore my pak choi went into the pan to be roasted with miso sauce afterwards. This nicely caramelized the pak choi and gave them some deepness. Sure, where is sweetness, the sour tones can not be to far. My choice were some pickled mushrooms with asian but also german influences. The texture in this recipe is brought by lye crisps. Lye bread is one of the German bakeries that are for instance synonymous for the Oktoberfest (besides the beer), today though it was roasted in sesame oil and adds the crunch. The „glue“(taste wise) was the yoghurt, as some fat always brings the ingredients together.

In the end a very nice and light dish, not only for summer but for those like me who need a break from all the meat too. Enjoy it!

Miso Roasted Pak Choi, Mushrooms & Lye Crisps

For 2 persons


120 g Mushrooms
150 ml Water
25 ml Mizkan
20 g Agave Syrup
1 Rosmary Stem
1 Garlic Clove
1/4 Lemon Peel
Salt to flavor

Clean and select the mushrooms. Bring remaining ingredients to the boil and add mushrooms. Preserve the mushrooms in a jar.

Lye Crisps

1 Lye Bread Stick
Sesame Oil

Cut the lye bread in 2mm thin slices and fry them in a medium hot pan with sesame oil from both sides until golden-brown. Put on kitchen paper to soak up the oil.


4 pc Baby Pak Choi
Sesame Oil
80 g Miso Sauce

100 g Yoghurt
Salt & Lime to flavor

2 Mint Stems
1/2 Lime Peel

Fry pak choi in sesame oil from all sides and add the miso sauce. Place the pan in the oven and leave to cook at 190°C for 5 min. to cook. Flavor the yoghurt with salt and lime and put two spoons of yoghurt on a plate and press it with a bowl or pot. Arrange two pak choi on each plate and add the mushrooms. Then sprinkle some mint leaves on top and a few lye crisps to be finished with fresh lime peel.


Miso Pak Choi, Pilze & Laugenchips

Für 2 Personen


120 g Pilze
150 ml Wasser
25 ml Mizkan
20 g Agavensirup
1 Rosmarinzweig
1 Knoblauchzehe
1/4 Limette Abrieb
Salz nach Geschmack

Die Pilze putzen und selektieren. Die restlichen Zutaten aufkochen und die Pilze zugeben. Alles in einem Glas einwecken.


1 Laugenstange

Die Laugenstange in 2mm dünne Scheiben schneiden und in Sesamöl von beiden Seiten bei mittlerer Hitze gold-gelb braten. Anschließend auf Küchenpapier das Öl abtropfen lassen.


4 Baby Pak Choi
80 g Miso Sauce

100 g Joghurt
Salz & Limette nach Geschmack

2 Minzstiele
1/2 Limette Abrieb

Den Pak Choi von allen Seiten in Sesamöl anbraten und dann die Miso Sauce zugeben. Die Pfanne in den Ofen geben und den Pak Choi bei 190°C ca. 5 Min. garen. Den Joghurt mit Salz und Limette abschmecken, dann je zwei Löffel auf einen Teller geben. Darauf nun eine Schüssel oder einen Topf drücken, sodass ein Spiegel entsteht. Je zwei Pak Choi auf die Teller geben und die Pilze anrichten. Nun ein paar Minzblätter und die Laugenchips auf den Tellern verteilen und zuletzt frischen Limettenabrieb über die Teller reiben.