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After twenty years in the culinary industry the essence is simple:


The respectful treatment of ingredients and food as a not self-evident and exhaustible resource, I understand as my task. Transporting this responsibility into a contemporary nutrition with appealing photography and videos, is my calling.

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My Book

A cookbook by Ben Donath

Writing a blog for me started as a chance to share what I love and can do best. It led into a wide spectrum of things or in this case: writing a book. It has been a time full of excitement and lowest lows, it has been a lot of new experiences as well as days of typing in recipes with absolutely no change. All in all, a borderline experience in every aspect yet so well worth it. Knowing I can hold a printed version in my hands or maybe passing a book store with it in the window, is just an unreal thought.

What to expect?

Well it is an indigenous book based on classic recipes with a twist into the present. It is meant to find its place on the table of everybody’s home. A mother, who might want to surprise her family with a little different stuff or a single guy trying to fix a nice dinner for his first date, a gathering with friends or a quiet moment all alone. Food is just the ultimate way to touch people´s hearts and everyone needs a treat here and there.

  • Bowl Stories features bowl-based meals you  can enjoy anywhere

  • Classic dishes with fun twists – a culture clash right in your bowl

  • Easy but sophisticated recipes that will inspire you to cook, add your own special touches and to try new dishes

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