Matcha Scones & Tea

Matcha Scones – Green As Hulk

My matcha scones will not make you as strong yet they will definitely satisfy. Matcha is a very popular ingredient these days and can be found in thousands of recipes but this is mine and I created it for you. If I think of this green powder, I always think of tea first (sure I do…what else it was meant to be in the first place). Tea on the other hand led my thoughts to Britain and the classic tea time, this is how it came to life.

Scones Lover

I first tasted scones in Australia when I was working for a Melbourne Hotel Company. With their British influences, the scones were served every day for tea time or the Sunday brunch. I first was not to sure what to think of these baked pucks until I got a taste with some clotted cream and jam…god it was just too good. The moist yet slightly crumbly texture with the candied lemon, the raisins and almonds were simply ringing all my bells. Ever since, I am a fan and was always doing a few extra when baking them at work, so I was sure to get a good bite too.

The Difference

Well, besides adding some matcha powder, using lime instead of lemon and skipping the raisins, the recipe is the same. Some things are just good as they are and are varied by adding a tiny bit here and there. Also, being Asian influenced with this recipe, I did not want to serve an English tea rather than something matching the aromatic point. All in all a very nice treat to fall in love with…

Matcha Scones & Tea

For 5 Persons

Matcha Scones

95 g Butter
100 g Sugar
310 g Cream
500 g Flour
30 g Baking Powder
100 g Roasted Almond Sticks
4 Tsp Matcha Powder
50 g Candied Lemon Peel
Salt & Lime Peel to flavor

1 Egg

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, except for the egg and knead it to a dough. Then put the dough on baking paper, roll it to a thickness of 3cm. Cut out rounds of 6-7cm and brush them with the whisked egg. The scones are then baked at 200°C for 10-13 minutes.


1200 ml Water
35 g Ginger
2 pc Lemon Grass
3 Mint Stems
1 Chili Pod
80 g Honey
1 Lime (juice)

Pour the boiling water over the chopped spices and leave it to flavor for 5 minutes.


The scones are best eaten lukewarm with a good glass of tea and if you like add some clotted or whipped cream to make it a full sin.


Matcha Scones & Tee

Für 5 Personen

Matcha Scones

95 g Butter
100 g Zucker
310 g Sahne
500 g Mehl
30 g Backpulver
100 g Geröstete Mandelstifte
4 TL Matchapulver
50 g Zitronat
Salz & Limettenabrieb nach Geschmack

1 Ei

Alle Zutaten, bis auf das Ei, in einer Schüssel zu einem Teig verkneten und anschließend auf Backpapier 3cm dick ausrollen. Nun mit einem 6-7cm breiten Austecher die Scones ausstechen. Vor dem Backen, das Ei verquirlen und damit die Scones bestreichen. Diese nun bie 200°C für ca. 10-13 Minuten backen.


1200 ml Wasser
35 g Ingwer
2 pc Zitronengras
3 Minzstiele
1 Chili
80 g Honig
1 Limette (Saft)

Das kochende Wasser über die zerschnittenen Gewürze gießen und 5 Minuten ziehen lassen.


Die Matcha Scones werden am besten warm mit einem schönen Glas Tee genossen. Wer diese kleine Sünde komplett machen möchte, gibt noch etwas Clotted Cream oder Schlagsahne dazu.