Confit Salmon & Beetroot Hummus

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Confit Salmon & Beetroot Hummus

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Don’t Think, Just Do

The best way to be inspired and gain a wide culinary background is to travel, eat a lot of different stuff from all over the world and gain experience through experience. To be brave enough to try out things you have not yet tried before. Open up your mind for all the great ways of cooking, may it be over open fire or in a modern kitchen. Take on advice from who ever got something to tell you and do not hesitate to bring ingredients of different cultures together. The result can only be the next step to take on our never ending culinary journey.

Bosphorus & Asia

Today´s recipe takes me back to my trip to Istanbul, a city of so many culinary origins. A city where you will be traveling between Europe and Asia in no time. A city with so many facets. I saw, smelled and tasted the whole day…such a rich cooking culture that was. I remember people fishing from bridges and selling the grilled fish right after from the pavement. I remember the sweetest treats like baklava, which I since then, was falling in love with and I remember really rustic restaurants selling the „simple food“ to the working people. I could go on for ages as these days had a strong impact on me and I see myself reminiscing from time to time, thinking of a different treat that was enjoyed. One outcome of those daydreams is the recipe for my ayran black forest with bacon which is such a light and delicious treat and it will definitely not be the last.

Italy As The Base

As my recipe brings together the Asian and Turkish kitchen in some ways, I have to mention the beautiful Italien countertop it is presented on. Just like cooking, these porcelain gres tops from SapienStone find their ways into kitchens all over the world to bring them to life. This is the Pietra Grey version of them and it is just such a blast. The look and the feel of those tops are an inspiration for themselves. The purple beetroot hummus looks just so tempting on them, don´t you think? Sometimes it feels rather like painting than plating a dish, as cutting, cooking and plating on them is as smooth and clean as it can be.

My Explanation

When thinking of this dish, I was not to sure about it in the first place, never having tried to combine hummus and nori before. Sometimes you try and it works. This is why I envy my children so much. They just do not hesitate, it is the trial and error method. In this case it worked out just fine, where others might not (probably you would not read about the failures here:-)). The cooking process of the fish is a very gentle one. The salmon would slowly cook at only 40° and remain its soft and clear texture. Once you will try it, you will experience how you can chew it with your tongue. On the other hand we have a fruity version of a classic hummus with its rustic cumin notes that will just slightly break the smooth texture of the fish. My mouth already starts watering again by writing these lines. A fresh chickweed and granny smith salad round things up and give another note to this dish by being just marinated with a good olive oil and lemon.

A culinary post card from Istanbul to you…

Confit Salmon & Beetroot Hummus

For 2 Persons

Confit Salmon

160 g Salmon (filet without skin)
1 Nori Leaf
Canola Oil
1 Star Anise
5 Cloves
10 pc. Coriander Seeds
2 green Cardamom
2 slices Lemon

For the salmon, slightly warm up the oil with the spices and leave aside to flavor. Wrap the salmon into a nori leaf and wait a minute. Then cut the salmon in 4 pieces using a sharp knife. Now put the salmon into the 40° celsius oil and leave it to cook without more heat for 10 – 15 min. depending on its size.

Beetroot Hummus

200 g Beetroot
125 g Chickpeas, tinned
30 g Tahini Paste
1 Tl Cumin
Salt, Agave Syrup & Lemon to flavor

For the hummus, bake the beetroot in an oven at 190° celsius until it is soft. Then peal it and process it in a kitchen machine together with the chickpeas. Now add the tahini and spices and flavor it to your gusto.


1 Nori Leaf
1/2 Green Apple
30 g Chickweed
Salt, Lemon & Olive Oil to flavor

Flavor the chickweed with some olive oil, lemon peel, lemon juice and salt. Then cut the apple in thin slices and add it to the chickweed. Afterwards cut the nori in thin stripes and put it aside. Now take the salmon out of the oil and arrange it on a plate. Put the hummus in a piping bag and dress dots of hummus around the fish. Add the chickweed salad, some nori stripes and toss a little olive oil around it.

Confierter Lachs & Rote Bete Hummus

Für 2 Personen

Confierter Lachs

160 g Lachs (Filet ohne Haut)
1 Noriblatt
1 Sternanis
5 Nelken
10 Stk. Koriandersaat
2 grüne Kardamomkapseln
2 Scheiben Zitrone

Für den Lachs, das Öl mit den Gewürzen leicht erwärmen und ziehen lassen. Den Lachs im Noriblatt einwickeln, kurz warten und mit einem scharfen Messer in 4 Stücke schneiden. Den Lachs in das ca. 40° warme Öl legen und je nach Größe für ca. 10-15 Min langsam garen lassen.

Rote Bete Hummus

200 g Rote Bete
125 g Kichererbsen, eingemacht
30 g Tahinpaste
1 Tl Kreuzkümmel
Salz, Agavensirup & Zitrone nach Geschmack

Für den Hummus,  die Rote Bete im Ofen bei 190° weich garen. Danach schälen und mit den Kichererbsen fein pürieren. Nun noch die Tahinpaste und die Gewürze zugeben und abschmecken.


1 Noriblatt
1/2 Güner Apfel
30 g Vogelmiere
Salz, Zitrone & Olivenöl nach Geschmack

Die Vogelmiere mit etwas Olivenöl, Salz, Zitronenabrieb und Zitronensaft marinieren. Den Grünen Apfel in dünne Scheiben schneiden und zur Vogelmiere geben. Das Noriblatt in Streifen schneiden und den Fisch aus dem Öl nehmen, abtropfen, salzen und anrichten. Den Hummus in einen Spritzsack geben und in Punkten um den Fisch dressieren. Zum Schluß noch den Vogelmiere-Apfelsalat dazugeben, darauf die Noristreifen geben und etwas Olivenöl nappieren.

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