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What do you wear around your top?

No, seriously…what is your kitchen dressed like? In terms of fashion, style and expression this is a theme all of you have been confronted with in the past or will be, when moving into another apartment or house. The question how all of us want to be living or how we feel comfortable at home is a serious thing. When I am coming home, I want to be sure to be in my individual space and when having guests, they should already know a part of me just by looking at my interior. Kitchens can be designed for different needs and aspects. Some will just be good looking to show them to others, whereas some will be the center of life in some houses. For me the second model would be the case, as I spent at least an hour or more inside it every day.


My Personal Space

In terms of design my point of view changed over the years. Whereas a teenager my focus was simply a packed fridge and a working stove, my opinion today is strongly driven towards practicability and of course the look. As a good kitchen with nice gadgets, tableware and for sure a good design tends to cost quite a few Euros, the vision of my dream kitchen did not yet come true…but it definitely will be at some point!

I am happy to spend some extra money on a place I want to feel at home and certainly will be using most of the time when there. The two countertops I was working on for the following recipes are made by SapienStone. The Italian company produces top quality porcelain kitchen countertops with a personal match for every need and preference.


Countertops To Be Concrete, Strong & Hygienic

All of the porcelain gres surfaces are made to last and do not even require a special treatment because of their advanced technical performance and resistancy. One can work with the ingredients directly on the surface, as nothing will be soaked and no cleaning or heat will change the color either. For me this was always the threat, thinking I spend a lot of money for stuff I can not properly work on. As I really need to have a working space which has to be so durable, these surfaces could well find their way into my future kitchen.


From Word To Work

Of course I can not tell you anything about good quality without having tried them out before. Therefore I will show you two dishes now and how a different choice alters the look of your favorite place from classy-elegant into urban modernism. My favorite though was the „Urban Antracite“ variation but that is just because of my personal choice. Nevertheless I prepared a simple classic, which we eat a lot here: a dill marinated cucumber salad. Sure I would not be myself, if not adding a bit extra…but scroll down and find out more. My second recipe is a favorite dessert of mine: a gooseberry & spelt crumble with chervil custard and meringue. Sooo delicious, you have to try it out yourself.


Fruity Cucumber Salad & Linseed Oil

For 2 Persons

1 Cucumber
6 Dill Stems
1/4 Galia Melon
1 green Apple
80 g Sour Cream
Salt, Sugar & Lemon to flavor
100 g fresh Peas
Dill Blossoms & Mint Leaves to decorate
40 g Linseed Oil

Wash the cucumber and cut it in thin slices lengthwise using a peeler. Now chop the dill and marinate the cucumber with it as well as salt, sugar and lemon (peel & juice). Blanche the peas in salty water for 2 min. and put them in ice water right after to stop the cooking. Wash the apple and cut of 1/4 of the melon. Afterwards cut out pearls in different sizes using a scoop cutter. Then flavor the sour cream with salt, sugar and lemon (peel & juice). Arrange some sour cream on a plate and put the cucumber on top. Add the apple, melon scoops and blanched peas and decorate with mint leaves and dill blossoms. Sprinkle the linseed oil over the salad before serving.


Fruchtiger Gurkensalat & Leinöl

Für 2 Personen

1 Gurke
6 Dillstengel
1/4 Galia Melone
1 grüner Apfel
80 g Saure Sahne
Salz, Zucker & Zitrone nach Geschmack
100 g frische Erbsen
Dill Blüten & Minzblätter zum dekorieren
40 g Leinöl

Die Gurke waschen und der Länge nach mit einem Schäler runterchneiden. Den Dill hacken und damit als auch mit Salz, Zucker und Zitrone (Abrieb & Saft) die Gurke marinieren. Die Erbsen für 2 Min. in Salzwasser blanchieren, dann direkt in Eiswasser abschrecken. Den Apfel waschen und 1/4 der Melone abschneiden. Nun mit einem Perlenausstecher verschieden große Kugeln ausstechen. Danach die Saure Sahne mit Salz, Zucker und Zitrone (Abrieb & Saft) abschmecken. Die Saure Sahne auf den Tellern verteilen und darauf die Gurke anrichten. Die Apfel- und Melonenperlen sowie die  blanchierten Erbsen darüber verteilen und mit Minzblättern und Dillblüten garnieren. Zum Schluss den Salat mit Leinöl betreufeln.


The Beauty Of Taste And Presentation

As mentioned above here is one of my favorite sweet seasonal treats. I promise, it is so worth the effort and can be easily prepared a day in advance…



Gooseberry-Spelt Crumble & Chervil Custard

For 4 Persons

Chervil Custard

300 ml Milk
40 g Sugar
1 Egg Yolk
20 g Starch
10 g Butter
Salt & Orange Peel to flavor
Chervil to flavor

Separate the yolk from the white and keep the egg white aside. Mix the yolk with starch and a bit of the milk. Bring the remaining milk, the butter and spices to the boil. When the mix is boiling add the starch-mix while constantly stirring. Keep on stirring for another minute and leave to cool down in the fridge afterwards. Once the custard is cold, process it in a kitchen machine using as much chervil as desired. Leave the custard in the fridge until serving.

Spelt Crumble

125 g Butter
200 g Spelt Flour
75 g Sugar
Salt, Orange Peel & Cinnamon to flavor

Knead all the ingredients until crumble consistency. Bake them on a baking sheet with paper in a pre-heated oven at 190°C until nicely colored.


250 g Gooseberries
Orange Peel & Juice, Salt & Vanilla to flavor

1 Egg White
15 g Sugar
Chervil Leaves

Wash the gooseberries, clean them and cut them in halves. Marinate the berries with the spices for at least 5 min. to flavor. Before serving, beat the egg white with sugar and a pinch of salt until stiff and pick some chervil leaves. Now arrange some custard on a plate or in a bowl and add the berries, some spoons of egg white and the crumbles on top. Decorate with some chervil and your done.


Stachelbeer-Dinkel Streusel & Kerbelpudding

Für 4 Personen


300 ml Milch
40 g Zucker
1 Eigelb
20 g Stärke
10 g Butter
Salz & Orangenabrieb nach Geschmack
Kerbel nach Belieben

Ein Ei trennen und das Eiweiss zur Seite stellen. Das Eigelb mit Stärke und etwas Milch glatt rühren. Die restliche Milch mit Zucker und Gewürzen aufkochen. Nun den Stärke Mix unter rühren zugeben und für 1 Min. weiter kochen, dabei nie aufhören zu rühren. Den Pudding kalt stellen und nach dem Erkalten in einer Küchenmaschine mit dem Kerbel mixen. Die Menge wird je nach Gusto variiert. Danach bis zum Servieren kalt stellen.

Dinkel Streusel

125 g Butter
200 g Dinkelmehl
75 g Zucker
Salz, Orangenabrieb & Zimt nach Gechmack

Alle Zutaten verkneten bis eine Streuselkonsistenz entsteht. Diese nun auf ein Backblech mit Papier geben in einem vorgeheizten Backofen bei 190°C backen bis sie schön Farbe genommen haben.


250 g Stachelbeeren
Orangeabrieb und Saft, Salz & Vanille nach Belieben

1 Eiweiss
15 g Zucker

Die Stachelbeeren waschen, putzen und halbieren. Nun mit den Gewürzen für mindestens 5 Min. marinieren. Vor dem Servieren, das Eiweiss mit Zucker und Salz steif schlagen und etwas Kerbel zupfen. Nun den Kerbel Pudding wild verteilen und die restlichen Zutaten abwechselnd darüber geben. Zum Schluss noch mit den Kerbelblättern dekorieren, fertig.