No Good Resolutions For Me

As I have been visiting Santiago de Compostela lately with all its beauty and tasty food, I brought this one dish home with me. It was so memorable because of its simplicity, its textures and its flavor (credits to Casa Marcelo). Thinking of a dish to involve a product like this fine caviar led me straight to this one. When using caviar one does not want to cover up the natural flavor rather than bringing it up and leaving enough room to evaporate its full aroma. What’s left on the plate is simply crispy and moist potato, egg yolk to combine the two and of course the protagonist. Sounds like nothing but has been the best thing to discover in quite a while for me.

After The Feast

To be honest with you, last year´s Christmas season felt quite moderate regarding the amount of consumed food, besides the count of empty wine bottles. What makes me craving for some „good“ food is the massive meat lunches and dinners. This was the first season I really felt bad having so much of it and therefore it is time to stop it. Not saying for good but for a good while. The next season will be different though but let´s see.

Chicory, The Cozy Way

When being little chicory with its bitterness has not been the vegetable to get me on the table, though today it would work. I really enjoy the crisp texture when eaten raw but I figured out that the braised variation has its benefits too. The texture will still be firm to the bite but taste wise this vegetable will get a bit sweeter and combined with the roast flavors it is such a yummy way to cook chicory. As I like a variation of just one product rather than different ones there had to be some raw chicory of course, only being flavored with some hazelnut oil and orange. These two on a plate with my frozen crisp bread snow and fresh roasted hazelnuts are just something to put a smile on my face.

Hope your mouth started watering already and you feel obliged to cook it for yourself.

Rosehip Braised Chicory

For 2 Persons

Crisp Bread Snow

60 g Crispbread
50 g Butter
Salt, Maple Syrup, Pepper & Orange Peel to flavor

Heat up the butter until it is brown. In the meantime process the crispbread in a kitchen machine. Strain the butter through a piece of kitchen paper and add it to the crispbread. Afterwards flavor the mix with the spices and empty it in a foil covered container to be frozen.


2 pc Chicory
50 g Rosehip Puree
40 g Butter
40 g Orange Juice
Salt, Maple Syrup to flavor

Wash the chicory and cut of the end to where the leafs start to grow. Now cut it in halves and fry it in a pan with some oil on the flat side. Put the pan in the oven with 190°C to braise the chicory for 5 – 10 min. until cooked. Then put the pan back on the stove to add rosehip, butter and orange juice and toss the chicory in the mix. In the end flavor everything with the spices.


40 g Hazelnuts
1 pc red Cicory
20 g Hazelnut Oil
20 g Orange Juice
Salt, Maple Syrup, Pepper & Orange Peel to flavor

Roast the hazelnuts until golden brown and crush them afterwards. Take the crispbread snow out of the freezer and grind it to snow using a grater. Leave the snow in the freezer until ready to plate. Now separate the leafs of the red chicory and flavor it with hazelnut oil, orange juice, and the spices. Start plating two halves of the braised chicory and arrange the red chicory on top. Then add the crispbread snow and some hazelnuts on top.


In Hagebutte Geschmorter Chicorée

Für 2 Personen


60 g Knäckebrot
50 g Butter
Salz, Ahornsirup, Pfeffer & Orangenabrieb nach Geschmack

Für den Knäckebrotschnee, die Butter in einem Topf bräunen. Nebenbei das Knäckebrot in einem Küchenmixer zerkleinern. Die braune Butter durch ein Küchenpapier passieren und über das Knäckebrot geben. Nun mit den Gewürzen abschmecken, in eine mit Folie ausgelegte Form geben und im Froster gefrieren.


2 Chicoréeköpfe
50 g Hagebuttenmark
40 g Butter
40 g Orangensaft
Salz & Ahornsirup nach Geschmack

Den Chicorée waschen, den Strunk bis zu den Blättern abschneiden und längst halbieren. Nun in einer heißen Pfanne mit etwas Öl auf der Schnittseite anbraten und die Pfanne bei 190° ca. 5-10 Min. in den Ofen geben. Danach die Pfanne auf den Herd stellen und das Hagebuttenmark, die Butter sowie den Orangensaft zugeben. Nun mit den Gewürzen abschmecken und den Chicorée in der Hagebutte wenden.


40 g Haselnüsse
1 roter Chicoréekopf
20 g Haselnussöl
20 g Orangensaft
Salz, Ahornsirup & Pfeffer nach Geschmack

Zum Servieren, die Haselnüsse im Ofen rösten und grob zerstoßen. Das gefrorene Knäckebrot mit einer Reibe zu Schnee raspeln und erneut einfrieren. Den roten Chicorée in einzelne Blätter zupfen und mit Haselnussöl, Orangensaft und den Gewürzen marinieren. Nun je zwei Chicoréehälften anrichten und darauf den roten Chicorée verteilen. Anschließend den Knäckebrotschnee als auch die Haselnüsse auf dem Chicorée anrichten.